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Fake MOZ DA Metrics. A Problem For The SEO Industry And A Pot Of Gold For Scammers

Focusing on website authority metrics like DA is inaccurate, unreliable and a high chance of being fake.

Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz that predicts how likely a website is to rank in search engine result pages (SERPs).

Domain Authority scores range from 1 to 100, with higher scores corresponding to greater likelihood of ranking. The problem is that determining the strength of a site, page or link by focusing on ONE metric such as DA is both inaccurate and unreliable.

Before we assume this articles intention is to bash down the MOZ DA metrics system we should point out all 3rd party domain metrics tools have their flaws, weakness and inaccuracies.

Overall, the MOZ suite of tools can be of great assistance and defiantly help you plan out your digital marketing, SEO, and link building strategies If used and understood correctly it can also help you identify fake domain metrics however, a very small percentage of it’s users actually know how make the identification.

Today we are citing MOZ DA metrics for the reason being our, research and questioning indicated 88% of out 100 beginner SEO’s, link builders and website owners primarily relied on the MOZ DA metric. It also happens to be one of the most commonly used metrics within the SEO industry to analyse the authority and reputation of a website.

How are these metrics calculated ?

Moz currently uses around 40 factors to calculate the DA score, including linking root domains, number of total links, rel attributes, domain age and others

The problem

The MOZ DA score can be easily manipulated in 2022 even after serval updates to the algorithm. It can still present fake “non organic DA scores” in it’s metrics calculations.

Keep in mind fake domain metrics can also be achieved with other 3rd party metrics evaluation tools however, “the hack” we disclose today applies to the MOZ DA metrics tool specifically while other 3rd party metrics providers such as “Ahrefs” have managed to filter this manipulation from their overall calculations. Other 3rd party metrics tools such as ” Ahrefs” can still be manipulated using different methods.

How are fake MOZ DA metrics scores achieved ?

There are major inherent issues with using the DA score calculation. Often users of the tool will simply type in a domain name and the tool will output a DA score from 0 to 100 and will use this score to make critical decisions.

The tool amongst others does not provide what we could regard as a “Link Quality” or “Type” indicator clear enough for many users to interpret the true estimated SERP value of a domain, website or link. It takes a seasoned pro to finish off and make an accurate manual evaluation of a domains inbound backlink profile to get it’s true organic SERP value after being discovered and calculated by 3rd party metrics tools

The Simple Hack

Fake or “manipulated” MOZ DA scores can be achieved by creating what’s called “Redirect Notices” and they are rather easy to see if you know what to look for.

Scammers use this weakness in Moz’s DA calculations. This weakness is that Moz assumes that any link from a high value website itself conveys high value.

Scammers use an ever increasingly known feature of various Google search properties, the URL redirect notice page. Whenever a Google property redirects a user to an external URL using the “url?sa=t&url=” URL parameter, a page is created to notify the browser user of the pending redirect.

Fake DA Metrics Using Redirect Notices
A redirect notice from Google to a link metrics manipulators website, This domain authority hacking method is used to build hundreds of fake links that the Moz SEO metrics tool incorrectly attributes as being highly valuable making the scammer’s website appear valuable too. This creates the perfect platform to operate ” Guest Post” and “link building scams

After a redirect notice has been created, a link building, guest post or domain metrics manipulator/scammer will send a multitude of second tier links coming in from spammed blog comment pages to force 3rd party metric tools to crawl and include the redirect notices in it’s link index and then assign values based on those link connections.

You can use the MOZ metrics tools to discover these types of redirects. Here is what they will often look like.

You can also find redirect notices using Ahrefs free backlink checker tool however, the difference between MOZ and Ahrefs is the Ahrefs 3rd party metrics tool actually filters out the redirect notices from is domain rating calculations and blocking them from presenting a fake score. (On the first tier)

These redirect notices have zero SERP value and are not counted in search engines as a ranking factor.

In this example we use a fake DA metrics guest post scam site called Mr Tech Business. (Not associated with Tech Business News) using Ahrefs free backlink checking tool to discover the redirect notices and identify this particular site as a guest post/link building scam. These redirect notices can also be discovered with the MOZ tool. Both tools are good for discovering such manipulation tactics

By conducting a human non algorithmic well educated and experienced manual assessment of the above mentioned based on domain age, and real indexed hyperlinks of this MOZ measured DA59 domain it’s true “Organic MOZ DA” metrics value is closer to DA 2. Or as good as a nofollow link

This raises an interesting question. If Ahrefs can block these redirect notices from being counted in their domain rating (DR) scores while displaying them in their index Why hasn’t MOZ removed these from being counted in their DA metrics calculations also?

This would certainty level the playing field and squash thousands of link building and guest post scams.

Guest post and link building scammers are using this fake MOZ DA metrics manipulation method to profit from selling zero value supposed hyperlinks within editorial content.

There is an abundance of freelancers operating on freelance platforms such as who are actually selling this hack “As a service” for those who wish to either artificially inflate the DA score of their own website or are under the false impression this will actually somehow make their website rank higher in the search engines.

Freelance platform service advertising MOZ DA metrics manipulation

This also raises the question, why would a freelance platform like allow it’s sellers to provide such a service while profiting from an global digital marketing pandemic that is the fake MOZ DA score scam?

These metrics manipulation services are also found on freelance platforms such as UpWork and claim to help your website rank higher in Google.

These services are clearly advertised in the form of images and text. Below is a perfect example of fraudulent claims on of a DA manipulation service advertising it will result in ranking your website higher in Google.

I will increase domain authority increase moz da 50

About This Gig

I will Increase MOZ DA of your website and guaranteed increase Domain Authority to rank higher on Google.

I will build high authority do-follow backlinks DA 90+ to increase DA PA of your website.

To rank on Google and compete your competitors you need a high authority website.


With my SEO SERVICE, I will increase Moz domain authority DA 50 by building dofollow backlinks and it will increase your website ranking.


DA 50

Spam Free.

All tactics are safe.

White hat!

100% Clean & Clear.

100% Manual

Do-Follow only

Safe from Google Core, Penguin, Medic & Panda update.

No penalty

Order Now & double your revenue within days

(increase DA)(Increase Moz DA)(increase Domain Authority)

The sellers profile here.

  • From Pakistan
  • Member since May 2020
  • Avg. response time1 hour
  • Last deliveryabout 20 hours

*Hey! am *name* a Computer Science Graduate, SEO expert and Blogger. I started my freelance career back in 2013. I work with clients all over the globe and have developed a processional bond of trust & honesty with them through my work. Leave a message to see my samples. Thank you*

As you can see. This seller claims to build high DA backlinks. However, this is nothing of the sort. What is being provided here are not backlinks from high authority sources at all. This individual has also self pronounced themselves as an “SEO EXPERT”

We also have on our hands here a “Computer Science Graduate” Operating on a freelance platform selling fake MOZ DA increase scams?

We are happy to report that no SEO professional or “Expert” would ever call this “Search Engine Optimisation” In fact. It’s not even close.

The stated service above is creating thousands of redirect notices that don’t have any SERP value, they are not counted or seen by search engines as an “In Content Hyperlink” from an authority website or source and is nothing more than smoke and mirrors. are completely aware of this. Yet they continue to promote the services.

We reached out to this domain authority building individual operating this scam on and asked if this would improve “My websites ranking” here is how the conversation went :
14 May, 18:44

CUSTOMER : Hello. I am interested in this service. It looks like something that will really help my website rank higher in Google. Can I please ask. What kind of links do you build to make my website rank higher?

SELLER : I will build redirect backlinks

CUSTOMER : What is a redirect backlink? This will make my website rank better?

SELLER : Redirect backlinks help to increase DA and high DA is ranking factor

CUSTOMER : Oh great. So its a ranking factor, It will make my website rank better then?


This has been pointed out to the freelance platform on several occasions with supporting evidence, technical documentation and expert references however, the freelance platform refuses to remove these domain authority increase scams. These services do nothing more than create a fake hacked value while the freelancer advertises it will increase your Google Ranking and it’s a positive ranking factor. Not only in advertising, but in direct communication also. (BS)

In the case of the communications above between this customer account and the freelancer, the lie’s were reported directly to

It’s also very sad to see so many users on the platform leaving positive feedback when they have no idea not only have they been scammed, but also had their domain name resale value reduced down to almost nothing. Seasoned domainers wont touch manipulated domains as they are well aware the true organic MOZ DA score is a manipulated representation of it’s algorithmically estimated values

The positive feedback left by unsuspecting consumers results in further positive promotion of a completely invalid SEO practice

It’s also worth noting here. You will see your MOZ DA score increase. However, if you check your domain metrics score with Ahrefs free backlink checking tool you will notice the DR score not moving the needle. In general, real hyperlinks will increase both the MOZ DA score and Ahrefs DR metrics score respectively.

Why are these domain metrics scams so rampant in the industry?

This can be put down to a singular reason. Little to no regulation within the digital marketing space.

Does the SEO Industry Need Regulation?

13 Million Australians make 6 million Google searches every day, so a massive opportunity for business and scams alike

The lack of regulation in the industry has allowed self-appointed “marketing experts” and “SEO gurus” to flourish.

These dodgy operators run SEO scams that damage the industry, and make it harder for reputable SEO companies to break through the trust barrier with prospective clients. It’s even harder for legitimate and knowledgeable freelancers to break through and turn a profit on freelance platforms. They are saturated with scams often ranked at the top of platform search results.

If you’re trying to increase the domain authority and ranking of your website, placing all of your focus on the DA score won’t see you achieve your goals. Instead, focus on the quality of your website content, media and targeting potential inbound links by means of effective outreach methods. Or using your own website content as bait.

The DA score of a website is in no way a direct correlation of it’s SERP value. If you’re obsessing over DA then you’re obsessing over a third party vanity metric that means almost nothing whatsoever. Eg. A website with an organic (non manipulated) DA score of 10 can actually be twice as powerful and resulting in more SERP benefit than a organic (non manipulated) DA 20 domain.

For the record. It’s important to also mention and understand there is a significant difference between a redirect notice and a 301 domain redirect.

What you will be buying from freelancers is a “redirect notice” to be created. Hundreds or thousands of them. All of which are totally useless.

A single 301 domain redirect can pass significant SERP value if implemented correctly and for the right reasons such as the decision to use a new domain name for your website or changing your company name after a merger for example.

It’s recognised that search engines have over 200 ranking factors. If you are going to base your SEO campaign on 3rd party domain metrics alone you are setting yourself up for failure and an empty pocket. Do your research and learn how to use metrics tools to your advantage.

It is estimated over 90% of global SEO services particularly freelancers are fraudulent in nature and will not produce results.

If you require assistance with your SEO or digital marketing campaign it’s wise to stick with a reputable agency with a clearly defined strategy and legitimate customer portfolio. Do your research and ask the right questions.

The TBN team is a well establish group of technology industry professionals with backgrounds in IT Systems, Business Communications and Journalism.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
The TBN team is a well establish group of technology industry professionals with backgrounds in IT Systems, Business Communications and Journalism.

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