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“Digital Marketing” has become the buzzword among businessmen across the globe. Today it has become a full-fledged profession in itself. It provides infinite possibilities to any organisation as it offers them a unique opportunity to promote their products and services. It is also one of the most powerful advertising mediums.

It is no doubt that digital marketing is a highly effective way to generate leads and ultimately convert them into profitable customers. However, one has to ensure that they are not wasting their precious time.

The very first mistake that they make is overdoing it. It is not just about how many digital media they are going to promote; it’s also about how much are they going to promote it in various media. Remember that one medium does not fit all the other media. It is not advisable to spread your message too much in various digital media.

The second mistake is overusing audio and video for digital marketing purposes. Again it is not about how many videos you have made or have recorded; it is also about how many of those videos or audios you have uploaded in YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

A person who is trying to sell something on a virtual platform is more likely to attract attention than someone who is trying to market his/her product through physical media. Hence, it is necessary that digital marketing professionals are careful while using audio and video for their campaigns. Moreover, the same can be applied to photos as well.

The third mistake that is common with many is overplaying their importance. They tend to oversell their value to the audience. Remember that there is no such thing as giving importance to none. All media play an important role in advertising a product. However, one should remember that one cannot do away with offline advertising as well. One has to balance offline as well as online media.

Digital marketing can be very fruitful if one is able to understand the nuances of it and apply it in the best possible way. All three mistakes mentioned above can be overcome by taking adequate care in creating the right strategy. If one masters digital marketing then he/she will be definitely able to make a name in the industry. Such entrepreneurs can give wings to their businesses by combining different media strategies.

Neil Patel: Author, Marketer and Entrepreneur - HVMA Social Media

Neil Patel is possibly one of the busiest, most influential digital marketers around. Not only does he operate his own digital marketing company, he’s also the founder of Crazy Egg and is the brains behind the widely used free keyword tool, Ubersuggest. For anyone who’s ever been in business, he knows how important it is to find ways to drive your website higher in Google’s organic search results. It’s one thing to have a website, it’s another to get it ranked in the first page of Google when people are searching for specific keywords.

Neil started building websites as a hobby when he was 18 years old. He had his own little site designed for friends and realised quickly that he knew the market better than anyone else working at that time. A year later he quit his job and invested all of his savings into promoting online marketing and creating a system of co-working spaces to help others in the industry to succeed as well.

The way he tells it, these co-working spaces helped him acquire a list of more than 50M users from all over the world who are now helping to launch their digital marketing companies. Along the way, Neil also discovered his true calling and founded the networking company, Crazy Eggs.

But now that he has returned to the world of digital marketing, Neil has taken on even greater challenges, becoming the face of a new industry – the “coach, trainer and philosopher” persona of Mike Dean. But what does it take to get to the top?

Can you really become a “coach, trainer and philosopher” through just coaching others and providing valuable content online?

If you can answer that question and have the drive to keep pushing forward with your mission, then you’re on your way to being the “Coaches, Trainers and Philosophers” behind digital marketing company, Crazy Eggs and the “Coffins, Bakers and Crackers” community that is evolving into a world-class company.

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