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Features of Smart Cities We Should be Looking For.

The smart city concept has been all the rage for several years. Smart cities are touted as the panacea to problems created by urbanisation. As the world population moves to cities, adverse … Read More

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The Apple Vs Google Saga Continues

The Apple Vs Google saga has been a long standing battle. For those not on the inside, this is basically a battle between two companies that are known as Google … Read More

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Tech News

Is Technology Making Us Less Intelligent?

Does technology making us less intelligent? It does seem that way, don’t you think? Well, you have every right to think that way. In fact, many psychologists believe that humans … Read More

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Are We Depending Too Much On Technology

Is dependence on technology making us less intelligent? Education was once considered a luxury only the very wealthy could afford. But now that all of us have access to information … Read More

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