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The Tech Business News accepts guest posting from the Technology niche community
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**By submitting content you will have understood and agreed with the below guidelines**

To submit a news story or press release please read the following information outlined on this page. Note this is not a “Guest Post” service. This service is for the submission of news, events, press releases and reports. This is not a free advertising service nor is it designed for digital self promotion. For advertising or submissions containing a “Self Mention” or reference please consult our advertising page where you can request a media kit.

Creating an account.

1. Your username must not contain any spaces.
2. Your username must contain First letter of your first name following your full last name
3. You must provide your real identity. First Name/Last Name
4. You must provide a real photo of you in your user profile.
5. You must provide your real email address
6. Email address from a free Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or disposable email account not accepted.
7. Fake email addresses are automatically detected and deleted.
8. Accounts must be used within 48 hours. Otherwise automatically deleted

Post Guidelines

In order for your posts to displayed on our site and approved they must meet the following guidelines

1. Your posts are subject to manual approval

2. Posts must be directly related to Technology News, Companies, People, Software, Technology Services, Digital Services

3. Posts must be at least 500 words and be unique, not paraphrased and not duplicated.

4. Submitted content must be written by you as the original author

5. Digitality relevant content only.

6. External linking references to PBN sites or blogs will be removed

7. External linking references must only indicate high quality and trusted sources

8. No Adult, Gambling, illegal prescription drugs or affiliate links

9. You may add up to five images

10. All posts will be submitted to the guest post category by default. (Unless manually moved to an alternate category by an administrator)

11. We respect your work . After publishing an article on Tech Business News, it will be copyright to us and you may publish that article anywhere else. Found to be redistributed to other websites will warrant the removal here.

12. The article will provide value to the reader and should not be written solely to generate an external hyperlink.

13. Grammarly Optimised content is required.

14. Add original photos with a source link

15. Content should be properly formatted and adhere SEO (Search engine optimisation) best practices

16. Unique and Quality Content. No spun or scrapped content.

17. You agree that we have the full authority to change, edit or delete the article.

18. You cannot add any kind of affiliate link in your article.

19. Add at least one image in the article before submitting.

20. Your Content must be written in a professional manner. Proof – read it before submitting to us.

21. Must not be a direct advertising attempt or self promotion. (Please contact us for advertising options)

22. External linking must directly compliment the article content and provide further value to the reader.

23. Must not be “Thin Content” and provides full details of the topic at hand. (Not partial)

24. We are Covid-19 Free News. (We know many of us are quite simply totally over reading and hearing about it)

25. Detection of self sending second tier links to your live published article for manipulating internet search engine results will warrant its removal and your account banned. (Natural linking allowed only)

26. Must not externally link to your own properties for the purpose of search engine ranking manipulation. Detection will result in your external references either having the Rel (Nofollow) tag attached or the article removed.

27. If your account is not used to submit a post within 48 hours it will be deleted.

28. We automatically detect fake email addresses. These will be deleted.

29. You may not submit a post on behalf of a paid content requester.

30. Please ensure you understand all of the above before submitting your details or content.

What you get for your submission?

1. You will get a link in your Author Bio for reference purpose. We don’t allow building links for any type of search engine rank manipulation.

2. Helps you to build your larger personal network by making a name for yourself in the news!

4. Provides a platform to attract visitors.

5. A publication under your own name. Show off your expertise!

FREE publishing for top news or press releases

One followed linking reference is allowed per article as long as the keywords are not forced in the content and you are not linking to your own personal website or blog for the purpose of self search engine promotion. Detection of linking to your own website, articles or blogs will see the external link no-followed or the removal of your post.
Detection of guest bloggers providing content containing paid posts or links will see the removal of the account and the content. We do not allow the “Dofollow” attribute on exact match key phrases or branded anchor text.

Note. You will agree Tech Business News reserves the right to change any details, text or external “Rel” attributes at our own discretion. Submissions not meeting the above guidelines may result in editorial changes such as external “rel” attributes changed to (“rel-nofollow”) due to

  • Inaccurate profile information
  • Failure to provide a detailed author bio
  • Failure to admit a profile image of yourself
  • Advertising
  • Attempts to manipulate search engine results
  • Self Promotion
  • Obtaining links for monetary profit
  • Irrelevant references
  • Exact Match Anchor text
  • Branded Anchor Text
  • Data or information collection pages
  • Download links
  • Social Profiles

How can I make certain my submission will be published?

  • Fully compete your user profile as per the profile instructions at the beginning of this page.
  • Provide accurate details of your identity.
  • Include a real image of yourself. (IN YOUR USER PROFILE)
  • Provide at least 1 social media profile links within your profile. (Example) LinkedIn Profile (Must be Name Matched)
  • Use a registered ISP, Business or Educational identified email address..
  • Not using a free or disposable email account. (Gmail , Hotmail, Yahoo)
  • Providing full details of the subject in your article submission.
  • Not submitting an article for search engine rank manipulation.
  • Providing high quality, valid and relevant external references.
  • The name of the submitter must directly match the writer of the content
  • Not using a different (written by) name in the content compared to the user profile name and bio.
  • Not submitting an artcile for self promotion or advertising

When are external references followed?

Tech Business News is an Australian technology news media website. As a 100% all Australian brand we are committed to quality and high standards. We strive to maintain our ongoing commitment and contribution to the overall quality of global internet search engine results.

We do not allow external references from our site to pass algorithmic considerations in terms of “Page Rank” unless we personally feel it will provide a positive contribution to the overall quality of global search results.

External references found to be an attempt to manipulate global search results in the major engines will be manually instructed not to allow the passing page rank. Alternatively the submitted article or press release will not be moved to live publication.

If our editors feel an external reference provides positive and informative information based on a completely natural and fair process further providing searching internet users around the world with improved search experience, we may elect to allow search engine crawlers to follow these references. Followed references are allowed on this basis only.

Please note. We will notDofollow” root domains, exact match or branded anchor text. Followed references will only be considered when referencing internal articles that provide relevant information and positive search experience.

External references pointed to money, selling or information collection pages will be removed entirely.
(Please email us for further information on advertising options and sponsored references.)

Digital marketing agencies acquiring submissions on behalf of your paid clients please do not submit
Paid Bloggers for brands please do not submit

Paid freelance link builders please do not submit
Blogging for paid links and link income please do not submit
Blogging for digital self promotion please do not submit
Thin or scrapped content writers please do not submit
Search engine rank manipulators please do not submit
Focussed on a link instead of a good story? Please do not submit
Email correspondence from Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, or Outlook accounts will not receive a response

Does all this make submitting your article sound too hard?

Of course not!

Just write a great article, reference great information, don’t spam or digitally promote and you’ve got yourself a publication under your own name on Tech Business News!

Submission tips :

  1. Focus on quality content and story telling
  2. Provide full details of the topic
  3. Provide dates and times.
  4. Market your content rather than asking for a link
  5. Provide facts, figures, graphics and charts.
  6. Write a compelling story that’s engaging
  7. Write something helpful
  8. Blow a whistle
  9. Reference reputable external sources
  10. Provide a great experience
  11. Comply with the signup and user profile requirements

For further details, please contact us

Articles not approved will be deleted after 48 hours

(We give you this time to improve your artcile for reconsideration)

Spam posts will include removal of the post, account and a IP Ban.

In case you missed it!

We Refuse Disposable or Free Email Addresses/Accounts

Using free email addresses such as Gmail, Hotmail & yahoo will automatically delete your submitted post regardless of how good the content is (We must be able to identify you and so should the reader)

Please use a real identifiable email address displaying at least your partial name.

Examples :

  • ISP (Internet Service Provider)
  • Company Email Address
  • Educational Email Address (.EDU)
  • Government Email Address (.GOV)
  • Registered Domain Name Address

If you don’t have your own company or ISP email address you can register your own domain name email here

Why do we ask?

Tech Business News is a dedicated news and media website. We have a personal responsibility to our readers to identify the writer or journalist.

PR freelancers, journalists and agencies submitting a press release are invited and welcome to signup for account to have your press release attributed to your own personal profile.

To get started you register an account here

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Please note we practice and promote search engine best practice and will comply with all search engine policies and guidelines in respect to sponsored content and advertising at all times.

(For further information about what this means please consult with major search engine policies directly)

For premium submissions to the Tech Business News please email us for a media kit and information.

Advertising space on our homepage is now available!

Sponsored content, articles and advertising will be in compliance with most search engine provider policy and guidelines. It is your own responsibility to be aware of what these policies and best practice guidelines involve.

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