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Tech Business News accepts news stories and tips from the Technology & Business niche community.

For PR and media publishing requests please reference the contact details appropriately

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To submit a news story or press release please read the following information outlined on this page.

Note this is not a “Guest Post” service. This publication is reserved for the submission of news, events, press releases and reports. It’s also not a free advertising service or designed for digital self promotion or link building.

For advertising or submissions containing a “Self Mention” or other self directed references please consult our advertising page where you can request a media kit.

Writing stories

Tech Business News is constantly striving to improve the quality of our content and writing. Reporters are expected to interview primary sources, to ask critical questions, to check for any related research or studies where relevant, and to seek the views of independent experts.

Reworking secondary sources such as press releases is not acceptable. Press releases must be exclusive.

Our readers are a smart bunch, they expect stories to be intelligently written and to include the context needed to understand the significance.

Stories should provide enough detail for readers to understand how things work, but also be accessible to a wide audience and free of jargon as possible. It should also be well structured, internally consistent, externally relevant and engaging.

No cost publishing for top news and press releases (Must be at least a stock exchange listed company)

We will accept top news stories coming out of the trending big tech industry. PR agencies sending submissions on behalf of your clients please contact Austech Media for publishing options and agreements.

Note. You will agree Tech Business News reserves the right to change any details, text or external “Rel” attributes at our own discretion

Are external references open followed?

Tech Business News is an Australian technology news media website. As a 100% all Australian brand we are committed to quality and high standards. We strive to maintain our ongoing commitment and contribution to the overall quality of global internet search results.

We do not allow external linking references from our site to pass algorithmic considerations in terms of “Page Rank” unless we personally feel it will provide a positive contribution to the overall quality of global search results.

External references found to be an attempt to manipulate global search results in the major engines will be manually instructed not to allow the passing page rank.

If our editors feel an external reference provides positive and informative information based on a completely natural and fair process we may elect to allow search engine crawlers to follow these references.

Followed references are allowed on this basis only.

Please note. We dont “follow” root domains, exact match or branded anchor text.

Followed references will only be considered when referencing an external websites internal article providing relevant information and positive search experience. ‘

External references pointed to money, selling, information collection or data download pages will be removed entirely unless this is on a sponsored content or advertising submission only.

“An open rel attribute is an earned reward and honourable trophy that cannot be purchased”
(Tech Business News Team)

(Please email us for further information on advertising options and sponsored references.)

Digital marketing agencies acquiring submissions on behalf of your paid clients please do not submit
Any kind of digital marketing, content marketing or SEO (Search engine optimisation) please do not submit
Paid Bloggers for brands please do not submit

Paid freelance link builders please do not submit
Blogging for paid links and link income please do not submit
Blogging for digital self promotion please do not submit
Thin or scrapped content writers please do not submit
Search engine rank manipulators please do not submit
Focussed on a link instead of a good story? Please do not submit
Email correspondence from Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, or Outlook accounts will not receive a response

Are we all good?

Here’s a guide to writing better outreach emails

  • Come with a specific partnership plan
  • Propose a deal that benefits the recipients
  • Personalize your message for each company
  • Try not to use the general contact form
  • Do not send outreach emails on Fridays or weekends
  • Write a clear email subject line
  • Follow up, but not more than twice
  • Don’t use worn-out templates
  • Introduce yourself and reference to your portfolio or business
  • Don’t use an alias identity
  • Never mention the word “link” or “links” on first contact
  • Don’t sound salesy and marketing-like
  • Read the submission guidelines of a website thoroughly
  • Check the emails twice before sending them

Does all this make submitting your article sound too hard?

Of course not!

Just write a great article, reference great information, don’t spam or digitally promote and you’ve got yourself a publication on Tech Business News!

Content tips.

  1. Focus on quality content and story telling
  2. Provide full details of the topic
  3. Provide dates and times.
  4. Market your content rather than asking for a link
  5. Provide facts, figures, graphics and charts.
  6. Write a compelling story that’s engaging
  7. Write something helpful
  8. Blow a whistle
  9. Reference reputable external sources
  10. Provide a great experience

For more details, please contact us

In case you missed it!

Disposable or Free Email Addresses/Accounts are refused and will be ignored

Please use a identifiable email address displaying at least your real partial name.

Examples of emails we will open rather than delete on the spot.

  • ISP (Internet Service Provider)
  • Company Email Address
  • Educational Email Address (.EDU)
  • Government Email Address (.GOV)
  • Registered Domain Name Address

If you don’t have your own company or ISP email address you can register your own domain name email here

Why do we ask?

Tech Business News is a dedicated news and media website. We have a personal responsibility to our readers to identify the writer or journalist.

PR freelancers, publicist’s and agencies please contact Austech Media for publishing options.

What it all boils down to.

We are searching for journalists as opposed to publicists and PR agencies submitting on behalf of clients as a service.

Industry and ground breaking top news stories that grab the public eye reported by an individual as opposed to an agency will be considered for immediate publishing and coverage. You will also have the option to have your story published under your own name if you choose to do so.

If you’re a journalist with first hand industry news we want to hear from you!

Hyperlink hunters and gatherers need not apply.

Want to become a journalist or writer for Tech Business News? You can contact us for an application form.

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Please note we practice and promote search engine best practice and will comply with all search engine policies and guidelines in respect to sponsored content and advertising at all times.

(For further information about what this means please consult with major search engine policies directly)

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