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Skills Shortage Tech News

Half of Australian businesses can’t find skilled talent

Australia is currently in the middle of a severe skills shortage as the country grapples with job vacancy rates 46.5% higher than February 2020, prior to the start of the … Read More

Linkedin Technical Issues

LinkedIn accounts restricted after unknown technical issue

Yesterday, and throughout the day today an unknown percentage of LinkedIn users and recruiters reported their accounts had been restricted. Past comments revile users believe the social media giant are … Read More

MiOK Tech News

MiOK supporting an army of volunteers.

The Salvation Army is proud to partner with Australian technology business DB Results and take up the wellbeing mobile application MiOK, to support its army of volunteers. “Our volunteers frequently … Read More

Matrix AI Startup

Crypto start-up Matrix Protocol offers $50k donation for AI start-ups

In a bid to fast-track the evolution of human society, crypto startup Matrix Protocol is looking to build a better world through the use of AI technology by incorporating an … Read More


Drone Data Technology

Important uses of drone data technology

Drones have become highly significant to the operations of many companies and government agencies in recent years, penetrating sectors where specific companies were stagnant or lagging. Drone capabilities are proven … Read More

Online Trends Tech News

Trends in online behaviour and technology usage.

The influence of the Internet and technological developments over recent decades has touched every aspect of our everyday life. Thanks to the Internet, there is now no excuse for offline … Read More