NAB welcomes Government’s Ransomware Action Plan

Following the Government’s Ransomware Action Plan announcement today NAB’s Group Executive Technology & Enterprise Operations, Patrick Wright has welcomed the plan

NAB continues to play an active role in assisting the federal government in its efforts to protect Australians from cyber threats, ”said Patrick Wright, NAB Group Executive Technology and Enterprise Operations.

“We know that the cyber threat landscape is constantly evolving, and the volume of threats, including ransomware attacks, especially against our business customers, continues to grow from year to year. We are pleased to see the measures introduced in the action plan to increase punishment in order to deter attackers.

“Mandatory reporting of ransomware attacks will provide a more complete picture of the impact cybercrime is having. Cooperation between business and governments is critical to broadening our knowledge and understanding of the threat landscape.

“We’re committed to help our business customers of all sizes combat ransomware and its effects.”

In addition to NAB’s support of the 2021 Ransomware Action Plan, NAB has:

·        Continued to invest in cyber security capabilities and strengthen system resilience to protect customers and communities from evolving threats;

·        Delivered 52 cyber training sessions to our small and medium business customers in FY21 (2093 attendees)

·        A number of resources available to customers and the broader community:

·        Monthly security awareness webinars for businesses

·        A NAB Security Podcast with expert speakers from NAB, industry, and government on current events and trends

·        Up to date security alerts on the latest threats

·        A Cyber Security Toolkit for businesses

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