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Queensland’s LYRO Machine Intelligence goes global in collaboration with IMI Precision Engineering

Brisbane, June 2021 – Brisbane based LYRO Robotics has been contracted to license their LYRO Machine Intelligence software to US based IMI Precision Engineering (adivision of IMI plc). This technology partnership will deliver smart robots that will replicate the “hands”, “eyes” and “brain” of human capabilities in automation and logistics

The partnership means the two companies will work to deliver a full-stack robotic solution to satisfy the rising global demand for automated bin picking in various industries, such as agriculture, logistics and e-commerce.

LYRO’s Co-founder and Managing Director, Dr Juxi Leitner said LYRO Machine Intelligence provides tight integration of computer vision, machine learning and robotic grasping algorithms.

“LYRO Machine Intelligence is “the brain” which detects objects, makes a decision about how to pick it up and commands the “hands” to pick up the objects. The “hands” or the mechanical tool that can pick up a wide range of objects will be developed by IMI Precision Engineering.”

Tim LaCrosse, VP Engineering Americas at IMI Precision Engineering said IMI has long-standing experience and world-leading capabilities in mechanical, electrical and controls engineering.

“IMI has looked at a number of providers in the market. Our assessment is that LYRO Robotics has developed technology that can provide the artificial intelligence and integration capability required to bring our solution, a comprehensive, full-stack solution, to end-use customers and system integrators.

“We have been impressed by LYRO’s market knowledge, technical know-how, and corporate culture,” said Mr LaCrosse.

Dr Nicole Robinson, Director at LYRO, said: “International partnerships, such as this one between LYRO Robotics and IMI Precision Engineering, are accelerating the capacity for artificial intelligence and robotics to meet increasing industry demands.”

Over the past few months, LYRO Robotics has seen increased demand for its packing robots from businesses and facilities that pack fresh produce, food subscription boxes and meat. Aside from Australia the interest has also come from France, UK, Chile, Mexico and the USA.

“We look forward to the partnership between LYRO Robotics and IMI Precision Engineering. It is an exciting next step to expand our reach in the global packing and order fulfilment market,” said Dr Robinson.

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