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Microsoft Email Server Hacked? The Cyber Attack Hit 30,000 US Organisations

Microsoft Corporation was hit by a cyberattack that affected 30,000 US organizations.

On Tuesday (02.03.2021) a Microsoft exchange email server was hacked. It’s not a common occurrence, but when it does, people call the company and the IT guys and they fix the problem. The reality is that hackers find a way into a company’s server anyway. There are always people out there who want to gain access to your emails, bank accounts, or personal information. Hackers get inside of the companies through various means. It could be stolen passwords, information that is transmitted over the internet, or it could be a technique used to hack into the company’s networks.

What happens when a company mail server is compromised?

When a company’s email server is hacked, all the emails that are sent out from the company are affected. Even if an employee knows the password, if an email was intercepted and sent to the attacker, the password will be changed and the company’s network will be compromised. This means that the company’s network is already infiltrated, and by using an email client, the hacker can send spam and other malicious emails. Other things that can be done include changing the homepage on the company’s website and redirecting company web traffic. Many of the attack hits listed in the list below are done with the use of email servers.

An attack that is considered “Evasive Security Testing” is when a hacker gains access to the company’s network without authorization. In this case, the hacker can do whatever he wants with the company’s documents, files, or personal information. This includes emptying folders, deleting files, and causing system crashes. It could also involve changing the IP address or using another user to do some activities on the network.

Common ways mail servers are hacked

Some say that the most common method of getting an email server hacked is through an email attachment. An email attachment can be a game, movie, or any other type of file that you download. Once an email attachment is installed on the computer, the hacker has full access to all activities that were taking place at that particular computer. Most companies save all their important documents in the inbox, but when an email attachment is accessed, everything is at risk. If an email server is hacked, then all documents that are in the inbox have been compromised, including company logos, passwords, customer information, and other confidential material.

When it comes to security, Microsoft Exchange is one of the best programs on the market. However, like many other companies, the company’s network is not completely safe. In fact, one of the most popular email services provider, Hotmail, was recently found to be hacked into. hackers managed to obtain not only Hotmail users’ email addresses but also their passwords.

Secure Send

The problems that companies run into when their email servers are hacked are numerous. Important emails, financial records, and other sensitive materials are stolen, and the company’s reputation is ruined. To make matters worse, when a company reports that their email was hacked, they do not receive the proof that they need to prove that their information was indeed stolen. For this reason, Microsoft Exchange has included a feature known as the “secure send” feature.

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