Matrix AI Startup

Crypto start-up Matrix Protocol offers $50k donation for AI start-ups

In a bid to fast-track the evolution of human society, crypto startup Matrix Protocol is looking to build a better world through the use of AI technology by incorporating an AI tech partnership as part of their tokenomics. Initially, MTX will be offering annual salary subsidies and donations for new start-ups aligned to MTX’s core vision and values. 

Their goal is to help those who are helping others through the use of AI technology.

As once avid investors, the MTX team were tired of seeing like-for-like carbon copy projects with no legitimate use case on the Binance Smart Chain and saw this as an opportunity to make a difference to the evolution of the human race. Over the coming decades, advances in AI will drive modern medicine and healthcare and the team at MTX want investors to be a part of this evolution.

MTX incorporates a mobile/web game called “AniMatrix” which is designed to reward the highest scoring players with crypto. Developed by Sci-Fi enthusiasts, the game takes on a nostalgic 90’s 16-BIT style complete with unlockable characters, weapons and powers. An array of unique MTX NFT’s will also be made available to the loyal community of investors. 

By bringing together the passion for AI tech and the nostalgic 90s through “AniMatrix”, MTX Protocol is bridging the gap between the past and the future; highlighting the exciting vision of what was once considered fiction now becoming a reality.

MTX is currently taking applications from existing and start-up AI tech companies who are using AI to assist people living with a disability or requiring assisted living.

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