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Techday HQ requests writers pay them for providing their own content

Article writing and publishing is a huge industry today and there is big money to be made for writing original and compelling content.

Recently, Tech Business News wrote an article that referenced the Australian technology industry and decided it would be a good idea if it were to be published on an international website.

TBN conducted research and found an authority technology industry niche organisation located in New York, Techday HQ

Early Friday morning TBN reached out to Techday HQ with an offer to provide an extensive, well documented article regarding the technology industry in Australia which took a total of 6 days to research, write, edit and finalise into it’s production form.

The response was more than shocking. An email response receive from Walter Charnizon, the president of Continental Exhibitions, operating Techday HQ requested the CEO of Tech Business News, Mr Giannelis come forward and pay him a total of $100 U.S dollars to provide TechdayHQ with his own written article.

The article in question was not promotional, contained advertising of any kind, not a digital marketing attempt and was nothing more than a press release full of great and helpful information in respect to some of the latest developments in Australia written by TBNs CEO.

The following is copy of the response provided by Techday HQ after TBNs CEO reached out to them to offer his own hard work and article writing without cost :


Thanks for reaching out.  We are always looking for new, interesting content to share with our community.
There is a $100 administrative fee for posting to the site.

Let me know if that works for you and we can go from there.

As clearly demonstrated here. Walter points out ” We are always looking for new, interesting content to share with our community” And then goes onto request $100 to give him what he is looking for and post it to his own website.

There is a clear problem here. Walter is requesting TBNs CEO that he is pays him a total amount of $100USD for providing TechDayHQ his own articles and hard work.

Forgive us if we are wrong, is it not supposed to be when someone provides you with something you want or have been “looking for” as Walter stated in his email, wouldn’t it be your obligation to credit the person giving it to you and not the other way around?

Lets question this in a different way.

“Would this be the same as asking a car salesman to pay you for giving you his own car?”

It’s exactly the same thing, said CEO Matthew Giannelis

Why would anyone spend so much time and effort writing an article to give away to someone to use for free and at no cost and then on top pay to give it to them? Especially when the receiver states it “Something they are always looking for” Added Mr Giannelis.

Website owners looking for content or articles may hire a writer or outright buy an article. It makes no sense that Techday HQ communicates they are always looking for new and interesting content however, they are requesting $100 to give it to them so they can publish it on their own website and share it with their community. “As Walters email suggests”

Often blog and website owners setup websites for a single primary purpose. This is to provide, sell and profit from something called backlinks.

You can consider a backlink as a vote. When your website has it’s URL address found on another website search engines such as Google can see this. As a result they will rank a website higher in the search engines depending on the number and quality of votes (backlinks) a website receives.

Tech Business News believes this is the case with TechDay HQ. The website is operating as a possible platform for selling backlinks. The sale of backlinks for the purpose of manipulating search engine rankings is actually against the search engine giants Google Inc web spam policy and guidelines. .

It’s actually quite possible that the request for the $100USD was for the placement of a backlink on Techday HQs website which was not the aim of sending the article recently written by our CEO. This would have to make complete sense as why would anyone want to pay someone else for donating there own property and hard work.

While we are not stating definitively this is the case. TBN believes this is a possible reason for Techday HQ requesting money from writers to give them their own work. Especially when the article that was going to be offered was nothing more than informational, and not a form of advertising or digital marketing.

Companies and website owners around the world pay writers up to $1,000 for a 500 word article, information or news release. So why would Mr Charnizon be asking TBNs CEO to pay $100USD to give him his own work. It’s meant to be the other way around last time we checked.

The whole point of owing a website or blog is to attract people via your articles and content. This is often referred to using your content as bait. When internet users land on your website due to a great article this creates a great selling platform to feature your products, services or even ads. This is why many website owners will pay large sums of money for a great article to place on their own website.

The only time is it right to ask for money to publish on your website is when there is advertising involved. Even then, paid advertising articles with an external reference backlink should be coded in such a way the backlink is blocked from passing search engine ranking algorithmic considerations.

The best explanation we could come up with is TechDay HQ has a business model that profits from the sale of website backlinks that are coded to allow the passing of page rank via search engine algorithms which is a direct breach of major search engine policy and guidelines.

Websites found to be selling “Backlinks” can receive a penalty by major search engines.

TBN further questioned Walter. He has not made a comment.

The TBN team is a well establish group of technology industry professionals with backgrounds in IT Systems, Business Communications and Journalism.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
The TBN team is a well establish group of technology industry professionals with backgrounds in IT Systems, Business Communications and Journalism.

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