The Apple Vs Google Saga Continues

The Apple Vs Google saga has been a long standing battle. For those not on the inside, this is basically a battle between two companies that are known as Google and Apple. They are both well-known members of the technology community. Over the past few years, these two companies have been battling it out for the control of the mobile market as well as the Internet market.

There was a time when the two companies were considered to be equally well-known and thus, their products and services had almost the same success.

Apple is the more natural and accepted choice when its comes to smart phones, given its long-standing history, extensive support from the government, and recognition by the tech community. It’s also worth noting that, given its vast resources, Google has the financial leverage to compete against a start-up company with little or no cash. The question then becomes: Can Apple win against Google in this battle of wits?

This is probably the biggest test that Apple faces. The iPad and iPhone, when combined with a large library of popular applications, offer the ideal platform for publishers and developers to reach a global audience. The idea is that a successful app can make a company more profitable. Apple’s chief competitor, Google, is famous for its Gmail, Google+ Social Network, and Android Market, each of which offers free apps. A Google/Google Play app would give the company even more advantage.

But what of the competition? Would such an app provide a better solution? Google’s response to the Apple “iReader” is that it plans to introduce its own application store, though it hasn’t said whether it will be called Google Play. A recent rumor states that the iReader will have a similar look and feel to the iPad’s App Store. Whether or not this is true, it is clear that the rivalry between the two companies is not mellowed by good will, but is now focused on apps.

It should be noted that Apple has a long history of working with content. It has successfully sold hundreds of billions of dollars worth of content through its iTunes store. Now, it would seem, it is also capable of successfully selling apps. One cannot question that the company has a lot of experience in that area, but it appears that it is still a few steps behind Google when it comes to creativity and originality. However, it may be wise for Apple to take a page from Google’s book and try to work out unique applications instead of simply copying existing applications and selling them as theirs. That said, there are some very good options available for those who want an app that is distinct from the competition.

The biggest difference between the two giants is the amount of money that is required to get an app out on the market. Google charges a large fee every time that an update is offered for their Android mobile program. Apple requires that you sign an exclusively non-exclusive licensing agreement. This protects Apple against competitors who might come up with an app that is identical to one of their existing offerings. For this reason, it seems likely that the App Store will stay exclusive to Apple for the foreseeable future.

As it is, there is no guarantee that the iPhone and iPad will have a killer app. Even if it does, it won’t be released before the end of this year. Many are doubtful that it will even come out this year at all. If it does, it will most likely come out on schedule, but only after Apple has already taken its first hit. Whether it is worth investing in an app that could sit on the sidelines for another year or two or is a definite must-have, is really a personal decision.

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