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Automating your business

It’s an interesting question and one that many new to business automation or even new entrepreneurs ask. How does automation really work in your business? The answer to this question is, quite simply, Anatomy of a Business. There are many things that go into automating a business, from deciding on the correct business application, to working out the various areas of business automation, such as billing and inventory control. However, there are four key areas, which we’ll discuss below:

Routine Repetitive tasks

This basically means activities that require repeat actions-these are called repetitive tasks. These types of activities can be anything from typing tasks, through data entry, through web browsing. The reason why business automation is so important for eliminating repetitive tasks is because they are not as valuable as skills and talents. Therefore, if you want to automate, you’ll need to find other ways of ensuring that the tasks are performed repetitively.

Business Processes

Business processes which are repetitive in nature, become easier to manage the more they are automated. Therefore, as your business automation strategy moves forward, it becomes easier to automate repetitive processes and activities, which previously were handled manually. For example, if you’re looking at the process of billing, one of the tasks would be to add up the cost of each transaction and create a detailed invoice form. This becomes easier the more business processes are automated, because the business owner can use an invoice form for every transaction, instead of printing one for each transaction, as is the case with most businesses.

Eliminating Repetitive Tasks

Another benefit of business automation is that it lowers the cost of operating your business. As mentioned above, business owners can use an invoice form for every transaction, rather than printing one, because that becomes much less useful over time, and becomes more of a burden and added operational costs. By automating repetitive tasks, you can make sure that you’re not wasting money on unnecessary operational costs, which will ultimately lower your overall profit margin.

Eliminating Administrative Tasks

If you look at the bottom line, business automation often also means eliminating unnecessary administrative tasks. For example, many office managers are aware that sales representatives must input data into the company’s sales and customer tracking system. However, the vast majority of sales representatives and other employees are still required to enter their data manually into the system, in addition to sending information back down the line using paper forms. With business automation, you can eliminate these roles and increase productivity by automating the entire process. Instead of entering data into a spreadsheet or other document, sales representatives and others can simply enter the information into a web form, and it will automatically be transmitted to the sales office.

Decreased Cost

Decreased Costs Most business processes require human involvement at some point. Even tasks such as ordering products or receiving them are processes that require the actions of at least two people. However, those tasks become much less necessary when you utilise software that automates those actions. When you use software to automate repetitive tasks, you can ensure that you’re reducing the amount of labor required to perform those tasks. This reduction in labor, along with the other benefits that come from business automation, allows you to achieve greater profitability and lower the costs of doing business.

Reduced Information Technology Investment When you implement business process automation, you’ll reduce the cost of maintaining information technology infrastructure. You’ll also save on the cost of employing people to perform clerical and other tasks. Many programs automatically integrate with existing systems and can even perform common tasks that people typically perform by hand, such as proofreading.


Business Process Automation Eliminates Stress Automated processes eliminate the mental stress associated with manual tasks. When you use business process automation, you can be certain that your work will be done in a timely manner. Because many tasks are automated, you can be sure that your workload will decrease over time. This leads to a reduction in the number of hours you’re present for work. When you use automation to eliminate much of the mental strain associated with business process automation, you’re able to invest your time and energy into more personally satisfying tasks.

Secondary editor and executive officer at Tech Business News. Contracting as an IT support engineer for 20 years Matthew has a passion for sharing his knowledge of the technology industry. He's also an advocate for global cyber security matters.

Matthew Giannelis
Matthew Giannelis
Secondary editor and executive officer at Tech Business News. Contracting as an IT support engineer for 20 years Matthew has a passion for sharing his knowledge of the technology industry. He's also an advocate for global cyber security matters.

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