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IBM Cloud Security

IBM Cloudsecurity is an innovative group of services, technologies, and processes that help secure and protect cloud data. Cloud security can be delivered both internally at IBM and to external customers. The goal is to make the private and public clouds more compatible and work together more efficiently.

Many companies today are moving to cloud-based services as they realise that their traditional infrastructures aren’t powerful enough to manage their workloads in the ever-changing cloud environment. Traditional IT infrastructures are also expensive and difficult to manage. Cloud-based services provided by IBM to allow organizations to easily scale their workloads by investing in only what they need. They don’t have to buy additional infrastructure, such as storage or software, to enable and enhance their cloud-based services. This is a significant cost savings compared to traditional IT investments.


How does IBM’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) differ from other cloud-based service providers? IaaS is an on-demand solution, meaning that you pay only for resources that you use. In contrast, other cloud providers like Google Cloud Platform or Salesforce, allow you to buy infrastructure on a per-usage basis. This enables companies who buy their own infrastructure to rapidly expand their businesses while maintaining control over the deployment of critical software. Companies can also make the most of their own resources by customizing their use so that they benefit individually as well as together.

Cloud Computing Solutions

IBM’s cloud computing solutions enable the company to gain real-time access to its own IT systems. With several hundred IBM employees deploying it globally in minutes, the company can have the benefits of its own private cloud infrastructure without having to purchase or manage it. By deploying its own IaaS, the company eliminates the cost and risks of vendor lock-in, reducing IT cost and improving performance. Through governance and data security control, IBM ensures its customers of proactive and efficient information security. This lowers the risk of unauthorized access, improves data security and accelerates time to market for new capabilities.

IBM Cloud Security Solutions

IBM’s cloud security solutions are based on a multi-layered strategy that covers all the aspects of application security. The most basic offering is the BIAS platform, which is designed to protect information through all the layers of the stack, including applications and servers. Through this layered approach, IBM offers customers the highest level of protection and auditability available for cloud-based solutions. It uses strong authorization and authentication techniques and works in concert with other IBM products such as memory and network security. Additional layers include IBM Worklight and IBM Secure Enterprise, with additional security features that allow users to access their data from any internet connection, while providing enterprise-grade monitoring and management.


The IBM cloud security framework also includes a service-oriented architecture. With this approach, IBM reduces the need to purchase and manage an IT infrastructure, making it easier to focus on business functions such as customer services and digital marketing. With the service oriented architecture, a company is free to deploy the cloud-based services whenever they are needed. This gives them the freedom and flexibility to make changes in the framework as their business requirements change.


IBM has been striving for its proactive approach to managing the risks in its various businesses for more than 30 years. It continuously improves its technologies and strategies, while devising methods to address both medium and long-term risks. In the current age of information and technology, it is important for organizations to adopt IT policies that are proactive and take preventive measures so that they can keep their business in the green light. IBM’s IBM cloud framework and the IBM enterprise mobility Management Software have been instrumental in creating and monitoring effective ways to do just that.

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