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Technology For Non Verbal Children

There are several different types of devices being used to assist non verbal children with various capabilities to help them in various situations. For instance, there are special laptops designed to help such children with visual impairments to properly use a keyboard, as well as to browse the Internet. In addition to this, there are also several’s which have voice recognition software which allows the user to talk to the device with complete confidence. In this respect, these devices are actually similar to a computer, Prologuo2Go is one which has been adapted for use by people with impaired verbal communication.

Most non-verbal children don’t communicate with their words. They just do it in other ways that most fail to recognise. Watch your child closely, and you’re bound to notice their different communication patterns. While they might not react to your name or other attempts at communication, they will gesture, point, call, or even take your hand sometimes. These actions are non-verbal communication.

The goal of speech language pathologues is to help non-verbal children to communicate more effectively. Many children with AS do not have speech skills of their own. They have to rely on you to help them talk to others. This can be difficult for many parents, especially since speech therapy can put a lot of strain on the relationship between parent and child. This is why it’s important to consider therapy options that help children develop speech language before their first official speaking session. There are a variety of different technologies that have been proven to be helpful for non-verbal children.


Proloquo2Go is an interactive child-friendly technology that promotes healthy language growth. The device is designed for children ages six to fourteen years old with the use of parent or caregiver hands. The innovative software allows users to take commands in a voice-to-voice manner. It also promotes learning through fun games that help the young user to interact with their computer while interacting with others at the same time.

The unique voice recognition technology used in proloquo2go allows children with autism to communicate with others through sounds they recognise. The system utilises the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnosis to determine the vocabulary, the number of basic words, pictures, and construction of sentences by individuals with autism. It also utilizes a selection of vocabulary exercises that encourage language development for the child.

The unique capability of proloquo2go allows users to take full advantage of its advanced diagnostic tool. It can be an extremely helpful diagnostic tool in the early identification of language development for children with autism spectrum disorder. In the early stages of the disease, it is crucial to engage in speech therapy so as to help improve language development for these children. The program is an outstanding choice to assist those children who are unable to attend regular classes in the pursuit of speech therapy.

Another great feature of proloquo2go is its ios application. Users can easily add items to their Facebook or Twitter accounts using its unique photo sharing capabilities. This text-to-speech app makes it possible for users to easily add photos from their preferred sites. Photos can include animated ones or static images. In addition, this non-verbal app also provides access to a number of YouTube videos as well.

One of the main reasons why proloquo2go is such a popular product is that it works well with a variety of communication devices. Users can attach the application to their iPhone or iPad and use it to aid in communication. In addition, it works equally well with any type of portable computer as long as the device is compatible with the ios version of the software. Users can make use of this assistive technology device by speaking directly into its microphone through its small microphone hole.

The microphone of proloquo2go has a very tiny microphone hole that enables it to function well with many different communication apps. This unique feature makes it a wonderful tool to use while communicating with others. This unique communication app also features a very large keypad and large LCD screen. With the help of these two great features of the application, the device allows for users to type out lengthy messages and even do video conferencing with other individuals anywhere around the world.

In terms of being able to teach the children, the ios software of proloquo2go makes it very easy for parents to do just that. Through its vocabulary builder, it is possible for parents to teach their children new words and their meanings. This can be done simply through dragging and dropping the vocabulary on the screen and allowing the kids to select the word they want to learn. Once this is completed, the software will highlight the word and teach it to the child. Besides teaching the children’s vocabulary, this application can also help them develop spelling and grammar skills. When the child grows up and becomes an adult, the application can easily add on a dictionary to make it even easier for them to learn the many words in the English language.

Being able to communicate verbally and nonverbally can help a child learn how to handle social situations as they get older. It can also help them to interact socially with others and to understand what is going on around them and in the world around them much more easily than if they did not use a non verbal communication system at all. For this reason, proloquo2go is a wonderful product that can be used by children and adults in order to enhance their lives in a number of different ways. It also gives them a chance to play and learn with technology in a fun and interesting manner.

Technology playing a role

Technology is playing an increasing role not only in the work force but in our daily lives, from the classroom to the home and beyond. With the increasing need for individuals with disabilities to have technology readily available at their disposal, students are learning to embrace technology in the classroom so that they can learn and grow in their academic fields. In doing so, students are helping to change the field of technology – giving students a chance to become knowledgeable about the many ways that technology can help them learn, while helping them to grow and develop personally and professionally.

Secondary editor and executive officer at Tech Business News. Contracting as an IT support engineer for 20 years Matthew has a passion for sharing his knowledge of the technology industry. He's also an advocate for global cyber security matters.

Matthew Giannelis
Matthew Giannelis
Secondary editor and executive officer at Tech Business News. Contracting as an IT support engineer for 20 years Matthew has a passion for sharing his knowledge of the technology industry. He's also an advocate for global cyber security matters.

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