WooliesX has landed Endeavour Group’s head of customer technology

Leading its design and delivery of cloud-based technology solutions

WooliesX is part of the Woolworths group. An innovation company that brings together the brightest minds in ecommerce, technology, media and data to transform the way people live and shop.

Danny Matar will join Woolworths’ innovation arm, WooliesX, as the new chief technology officer for architecture, cloud platforms and solution analysis practice.

Matar has said on LinkedIn that he will officially take office in two weeks, leaving Endeavor Group, a beverage and hotel retail company, after joining in 2016.

Matar said on LinkedIn that it will officially start its work in two weeks, leaving the Endeavor Group in the beverage retail and hotel business after joining in 2016.

“Yesterday was the last day of my amazing 5-year journey with Endeavor Group. I have been fortunate enough to work with very talented, passionate and customer focused teams on many opportunities in many companies, Matar said over the weekend.

“I am thrilled to be joining WooliesX in 2 weeks, where I will work with their technology team as head of technology – architecture, cloud platforms and solution analysis practitioner. I’m looking forward to this new chapter in my life! “

Woolworths originally merged its beverages business and the ALH Group into the Endeavor Group in mid-2019 and shortly thereafter announced its intention to split the business

A spokesman for the Endeavor Group said that it is already in the process of recruiting a replacement for Matar.
“While the recruitment process is being completed, our technology manager Rui Pinguinha has joined as interim head of client technology,” added the spokesperson.

Woolworths initially combined its beverage business and the ALH Group to create the Endeavor Group in mid-2019, and announced its intention to spin off the business not long afterward.

Prior to joining Endeavor Group, Matar worked in various IT roles at Woolworths Group, including nearly three years as a technology manager, delivering enhancements to Woolworths’ e-commerce and online service platforms.

Matar also spent five years as a senior programmer analyst before assuming a service delivery specialist position from 2011 to 2013.

About WooliesX

WolliesX has together with it’s partners to create all kinds of initiatives you know and love – like Everyday Rewards, one of Australia’s most popular loyalty programs. Alongside Woolworths Supermarkets, helping make online shopping simpler and more intuitive.

Awarded #1 in customer satisfaction for online groceries by Canstar for their combined effort.

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