Bulltalk.io: The new “Twitter” social media platform for cryptocurrency

A new blockchain social media platform “Bulltalk.io” has launched enabling the cryptosphere to engage safely and securely, share information and insights.

Launched by software development company Lehmansoft, Bulltalk is a decentralised network that combines similar capabilities to Twitter, Telegram, Reddit and Open Sea into one powerful platform with more advanced functions.

Lehmansoft Chief Executive Officer Raymond Chen said Bulltalk is a blockchain social media platform with features and usability specifically designed for the crypto community.

Bulltalkers can find and share blockchain and crypto-related news and trading insights, follow influencers, create private and public groups, host auctions and keep track of announcements.

“Bulltalk provides a safe and comfortable networking environment for crypto enthusiasts, from beginners to sophisticated traders, to post multimedia content, share ideas about blockchain and keep abreast of crypto performance and trading insights,” Mr Chen said.

“Crypto companies can also use the platform to release verified announcements just as companies do on stock exchanges.

“Account verification gives Bulltalkers a more secure platform to engage, thanks to stronger protocols against cloning and spamming.”

But more than that, Bulltalk gives users the ability to transform their content into unique and valuable non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

“Bulltalkers have the option to ‘lock’ shared content so it cannot be edited further or deleted,” Mr Chen said. “The ownership of NFTs is transparent and can be identified on Bulltalk.”

Ethereum-based NFTs are a rapidly evolving market that accumulated more than US$10.4 billion in the third quarter. Around US$4.2 billion was traded in NFTs in October alone, up by $148 million from September, according to DappRadar.

NFTs are disrupting art and gaming, with developers and auction houses creating new value through scarcity and demand.

“Just about anything, from artwork, famous social posts, music and video can be turned into a yield-earning, tracked and verified NFT on Bulltalk,” Mr Chen said.

Bulltalkers can “tip” their favourite content by giving a one-off payment or donation to the creator.

“Bulltalkers have a new way of showing their support for particular content by making a financial contribution and encouraging creators to share more of it,” Mr Chen said.

But the utility of NFTs goes beyond our imaginations with artificial intelligence bringing new digital experiences and even greater value.

“Bulltalk gives users the ability to find, share and create the next era of tradable intelligent NFTs.”

Matthew Giannelis

Secondary editor and executive officer at Tech Business News. Contracting as an IT support engineer for 20 years Matthew has a passion for sharing his knowledge of the technology industry.

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