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WhatsApp Messenger Will Soon Come To iPad and Android Tablets

WhatsApp is soon to launch a fully native tablet-supporting apps for the first time, as the chat platform continues to expand its encryption features for true multi-device connection without the requirement of a smartphone.

According to 9To5Mac, Mark Zuckerberg hinted in June that the app was coming to Apple’s tablet. The hint proved to be true.

Now, as part of this upcoming multi-device beta, both iPad and Android tablets would be able to be used as “linked devices” to a WhatsApp account for the first time.

WhatsApp has always allowed iPhone owners and other smartphone users to use the service, but the Facebook-owned messenger does not currently have an iPad app available. In a beta currently being tested, it appears that the situation will soon change.

A Saturday tweet by @WABetainfo reveals that “multi-device 2.0” is included in the latest beta. The feature currently enables WhatsApp to be used across multiple devices, including in a browser and desktop, but not with a native WhatsApp app for iPadOS.

WhatsApp for iPad might finally be arriving after years of wait. For the past few months, Facebook has been working on multi-device compatibility and Mark Zuckerberg himself already hinted that the app was indeed coming for Apple’s tablet, and now there are more pieces of evidence about it.

According to always reliable WABetainfo, WhatsApp is finally working on multi-device 2.0, and users will be able to use an iPad as a new linked device.

The website says that even Android tablets are also planned to support multi-device features on WhatsApp for Android. As for now, Facebook is readying the launch of Multi-device support for up to four devices and one smartphone.

CEO and editor of the Tech Business News said this,

In my opinion there are few better free social networking applications out there than the one that is going to come to you when you download the whatsapp messenger for your ipad.

It will allow you to stay connected with friends and family all over the world for free.

Whatsapp is a very simple to use messaging service that allows you to make and receive calls as well as sending text messages from your phone. With the ability to chat online as if you were actually face to face with your friend or family member it’s something that everyone should have the chance to do.

The biggest new exciting feature of WhatsApp however is its free Android app that will come included as an upgrade to your current mobile phone.

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