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Telstra launches Enhanced Enterprise Wireless

Telstra announced the launch of its new Enhanced Enterprise Wireless (EEW) solution which offers customers a 99.9% guarantee of wireless network availability at eligible sites.

Andrew Stormont, Telstra Mobility Executive, said the first Australian solution would provide customers with reliable and consistent connectivity to run critical applications with wireless services.

“5G has opened up a new world of wireless possibilities. We are now able to use 5G technologies to offer things we were previously unable to, such as guaranteed network availability.

“This is a critical step in our evolution towards unlocking all the benefits of 5G, including network slicing, edge services and network programmability from the 5G Stand Alone (SA) radio and core network and allows us to create differentiated customer experiences tailored to their respective needs “.

As part of the Enhanced Enterprise Wireless solution, Telstra will perform a site assessment to ensure the most reliable 5G network connectivity possible for the customer. Even with the site assessment, the EEW solution, coupled with Telstra’s Managed Services, offers businesses much greater flexibility of deployment with set up times dramatically reduced.

“Traditionally, depending on the location, customers have to wait months to secure a connection for a new branch or branch. With Enhanced Enterprise Wireless, new connections can be introduced in around 4 weeks. “

Telstra has partnered with Cradlepoint to provide Enhanced Enterprise Wireless, offering customers the Cradlepoint W2005 Series Outdoor 5G Broadband Adapter to facilitate network connection.

Andrew Volard, Executive Director Carrier Business Development at Cradlepoint, said “We are pleased to be working with Telstra on their first Enhanced Enterprise Wireless all-in-one solution, which offers fast turn-on wireless connectivity, professional and managed services. The 5G W-Series broadband adapters offer a remote 5G Ethernet modem and antenna system, with maximum deployment flexibility. ”

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