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Quantaco Launches To Help Hospitality Businesses Unlock Potential

Business Advisory firm PKF Hospitality, who have been helping hospitality venues across Australia deliver results for the last 10 years, is expanding its business under a new brand name: Quantaco.

The launch of Quantaco is the evolution of the hugely successful business that was established by Anthony Sullivan under the PKF brand. Quantaco’s proposition is unique, focusing solely on the hospitality industry and providing a suite of solutions that help hospitality businesses reach their potential. Quantaco delivers this through a dedicated team of professionals, underpinned by technology that aggregates, automates, and informs. “I’ve built the business by
focusing on areas that have been traditionally underserved, and I’ve invested in both people and technology to make it
better” said Anthony Sullivan, CEO of Quantaco.

As part of the expansion Quantaco grows from its original base of offering accounting and business advisory services to now include advisory services for capital, insurance, and soon loyalty. Quantaco’s digital division builds its own technology by leveraging industry-leading systems such as Deputy, Lightyear and Oracle NetSuite and makes them
available via a single, simple to use platform.

Another unmet need of the industry is getting addressed through the development of Quantaco’s own data analytics
platform called Wranglr. “We have the only industry database collecting relevant data from all sources”, says Sullivan.
This enables a rich understanding for our clients. For example, we help clients forecast sales, tracking them in real-time and providing operational alerts. “We help venues maintain the right amount of staffing to meet customer expectations while maximising their profitability” Sullivan continues.

Quantaco sees great potential across the hospitality sector and, in its expanded and refreshed form, is ready to
continue to help its customers deliver outstanding results.

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