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McAfee Enterprise & FireEye Predict Top Cyber Threats

Today McAfee Enterprise and FireEye released their 2022 Threat Predictions, which examine the top cybersecurity threats organisations predict in 2022 to shift reliance on remote workers.

Experienced engineers and security architects from the recently combined entity offer a preview of what the threat landscape might look like in 2022 and how these new or evolving threats could potentially impact businesses, countries and civilians.

What cyber security threats should enterprises look out for in 2022?

“In the past year, Australian businesses have witnessed a significant shift in the cyber threat landscape, with criminals becoming bolder, further empowered by new and more sophisticated technologies,” said Raj Samani, fellow and chief scientist of the combined company

While the government is taking steps to protect businesses, such as the recent Critical Infrastructure bill, and Ransomware Action Plan, cybercriminals are only becoming quicker and more innovative at retooling their tactics to follow new bad actor schemes.

From ransomware and nation-states espionage to user-friendly ransomware, this coming year, McAfee Enterprise’s Advanced Threat Research (ATR) team predicts: 

McAfee Enterprise & FireEye 2022 Predictions: 

  1. Lazarus Wants to Add you as a Friend. Nation States will weaponise social media to target more enterprise professionals, looking to infiltrate organisations for their own criminal gain. 
  1. Help Wanted: Bad Guys with Benefits. Nation states will increase their offensive operations by leveraging cybercriminals, prompting companies to audit their visibility and learn from operations conducted by actors targeting their sectors. 
  1. Game of Ransomware Thrones. Self-reliant cybercrime groups will shift the balance of power within the RaaS eco-kingdom from those who control the ransomware to those who control the victim’s networks. 
  1. Ransomware For Dummies. Less-skilled operators won’t have to bend the knee in RaaS model power shift as they leverage the expertise encoded by more skilled ransomware developers. 
  1. Keep A Close Eye on API. 5G and IoT traffic between API services and apps will make them increasingly lucrative targets, causing unwanted exposure of information.  
  1. Hijackers Will Target Your Application Containers. Expanded exploitation of containers and vulnerable applications will lead to endpoint resource takeovers. 
  1. Zero Cares About Zero-Days. The time to repurpose vulnerabilities into working exploits will be measured in hours and there’s nothing you can do about it… except patch. 

About McAfee Enterprise and FireEye  

McAfee Enterprise and FireEye teamed up in October 2021, combining their portfolios and teams of experts to create a market-leading security company. With proven technology and unrivalled expertise, the company serves over 40,000 corporate, commercial and government customers worldwide. The new company combines innovative technology, intelligence and automation to help its customers solve their toughest cybersecurity challenges.

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