Mandaint changes to Fireeye

Mandiant Confirms Name Change from FireEye, Inc. to Mandiant, Inc.

Mandiant, Inc. the leader in dynamic cyber defence and response, today announced that its corporate name change from FireEye, Inc. is now effective. The company has rebranded as Mandiant, Inc. and its Nasdaq common stock ticker symbol will change to MNDT from FEYE at the open of trading today, October 6, 2021.

The decision to change the corporate name and stock ticker symbol reflects the company’s strategy to focus on Mandiant’s security controls-agnostic solutions delivered through the Mandiant Advantage cloud-based platform. Pursuant to this strategy, on June 2, 2021 the company announced it had entered into a definitive agreement to sell the FireEye Products business, including the FireEye name, to a consortium led by Symphony Technology Group (STG).

“Renaming our company as Mandiant, Inc. and the changing of our stock symbol aligns our corporate identity with our mission of making every organisation secure from cyber threats,” said Kevin Mandia, CEO at Mandiant. Over the past 17 years, we have established ourselves as a trusted brand, helped shape the cyber security industry, and responded to some of the most critical breaches of our time, consistent with our mission of securing our customers.

Cyber threats are constantly evolving, and so are we. Our relaunch as Mandiant signifies our continued commitment to helping every organisation secure their environment and be confident in their readiness to defend against and respond to cyber threats,” Mandia added.

Mandiant believes that effective security results from the right combination of expertise, intelligence, and adaptive technology. For the past 17 years, Mandiant has delivered unparalleled frontline experience and industry-leading threat intelligence. Mandiant currently spends more than 200,000 hours responding to attacks and completes more than 1,000 engagements each year.

The resulting insights are what power Mandiant’s dynamic cyber defence solutions, which are all delivered through the Mandiant Advantage SaaS platform. Dynamic cyber defence brings effective and efficient cyber security to organizations of all sizes enabling them to consistently adapt their defensive posture as the threat environment changes.

“Over the years, organisations have sought to modernise and secure their critical business processes by adopting security and IT technologies from many different vendors. Mandiant is uniquely positioned to help customers take decisive action and minimize risk, irrespective of their size or the security controls they use.

We expect our pending sale of the FireEye Products business to enable greater agility and spur increased company growth,” said John Watters, President and Chief Operating Officer at Mandiant.

“Mandiant holds an unrivaled view of the attack lifecycle. By combining machine, adversary breach intelligence, and operational cyber threat intelligence, Mandiant empowers security teams to understand and proactively protect against the relevant threats facing their organisations,” added Watters.

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