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Cloud Services In Australia


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Cloud services in Australia have already made a significant mark in the country. It has emerged as one of the major players in cloud infrastructure. In Australia, this service is provided by companies like IBM and Google. The reason behind their entry into the country is the Australian government’s desire to boost its information technology (IT) economy. Through these, they hope to increase the productivity of the nation’s economy.

The use cases for cloud-based systems in Australia are numerous. The country’s private and public sectors have long relied on IT infrastructure to be more efficient at the same time. They use such systems to conduct day to day operations and generate revenue. There are also businesses that use the system simply because it offers them the ability to gain access to a wide variety of applications. However, the need to have an IT network in place cannot be overlooked.

With the use of cloud application services, an organisation will be able to improve its overall efficiency at a lower cost. These services make use of the latest technology. This means that the system can work for you even when your workloads increase. It allows you to shift workloads to other employees or to another geographic location without experiencing any downtime.

In Australia, there are many local and international corporations that use cloud computing technology in order to enhance their operations. There are also several private organisations that use this service to save money on IT infrastructure. The best thing about these services is that they require minimal investments. Cloud services in Australia are highly reliable, flexible, and scalable.

The demand for cloud services in Australia has risen steadily over the past few years. The main reason behind this is the increasing need for e-commerce in the country. Many business operators now rely on the internet in order to boost their sales. With the use of cloud technology, these businesses will not have to spend more on internet connection bills because they will be able to purchase the products they need from online vendors.

Businesses operating in Australia can benefit from managed cloud services because it allows them to eliminate several costs. Cloud computing involves using virtualisation technologies to divide server tasks among different servers. For instance, a single server may be used to serve requests from various departments. In this case, the costs incurred for managing the resources will be divided among the several companies involved. Managing infrastructure in this manner allows users to control costs related to hardware, software, and other necessities.

Infrastructure management is one of the most important benefits provided by managed cloud computing. This method allows businesses to control their own IT infrastructure because they will only pay for the resources that their business needs. Cloud technology provides the capability of improving IT infrastructure and automating processes because it is inherently scalable and elastic. This characteristic enables it to coordinate and integrate with other internet applications and services.

Public Cloud

In a nutshell, Public Cloud is an IT model in which a third-party service provider manages on-demand web infrastructure and computing resources and is then shared with various other companies using the public Internet. Public cloud services providers can also provide hosted services like infrastructure as service (IaaS) or platform as service (PaaS) to customers for a pay-per use or monthly fee. Public Cloud is gaining more popularity in the enterprise world, as it provides a cost effective and convenient option to large companies and businesses as it reduces operational costs, which in turn leads to increased revenues.

The public cloud concept was initially adopted in Australia as it has a very limited set of regulations that are less demanding compared to other clouds. This made it a very attractive option for enterprises in Australia as compared to other cloud providers. A typical public cloud provider offers a wide array of software development and server management solutions as well as virtualisation, infrastructure management, software applications, application development, business intelligence, and business process integration. As a matter of fact, Australia’s cloud market is now being considered as an alternative to the traditional private cloud, due to the lower costs and improved efficiency.


There are several benefits of a public cloud deployment. The first one is that it eliminates the need for costly on-premises software and it also reduces the overall expenditure, maintenance, and deployment costs of an organisation. Another benefit is that it is scalable; therefore, it can be used by organisations with minimal IT expertise, thus reducing capital expenditure involved. It can help enterprises make the most of their computing resources and reduces overall expenditure. Moreover, it can be leveraged by organisations across different verticals and can deliver greater return on investment. It also provides flexible infrastructure options, easy access to application development tools, easy collaboration with other companies and greater control over the information.

  • Eliminates costs
  • Eliminates on premises software
  • Reduces maintenance
  • Leveraged across verticals
  • Greater return on investment
  • Flexible infrastructure options
  • Easy application access
  • Easy collaboration
  • Greater information control

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud is a cloud computing environment which utilises a combination of public, off-site and on-demand, third-party and hybrid clouds with dedicated orchestration between all three platforms. The aim of hybrid cloud is to quickly and reliably move workloads from one platform to another with the advantages of each. Hybrid cloud offers the benefits of on-demand and on-site solutions as well as the flexibility of private clouds. This article will discuss the advantages of this technology for small and mid-size businesses in Australia.

With hybrid cloud services, users have access to a platform which is based on their requirements. This reduces the time to market for new application applications and maximises the time spent on application development while reducing IT costs. Hybrid Cloud also allows businesses to test new software in real environments and to make changes to the infrastructure without affecting the business’s current availability. Hybrid Cloud helps businesses to rapidly implement software improvements, to reduce capital expenditure involved with software changes and to increase operational flexibility.


Businesses may utilise either on-site or off-site computing resources. In on-site computing, resources like servers, network equipment and computer racks are located on-site. These are used to support client applications and web based services. Off-site computing is storage, data handling, telephony, internet access and other hardware that are located off the premises of the client. This can include things like printed materials, fax machines and mobile devices. Hybrid solutions in Australia can reduce costs in these circumstances.

Hybrid Cloud helps businesses achieve greater flexibility by allowing them to deploy, manage and monitor their applications and infrastructure more efficiently. With Hybrid Cloud there is greater consistency between applications and infrastructure. The use of virtualisation also reduces the cost of deployment. Virtual server execution in a virtual environment reduces capital expenditure required for setting up a consistent high quality solution.

Businesses which have a large need for on-site storage will find that they can save a lot of money using hybrid cloud solutions. With on-site storage, a business can avoid the high costs of expensive on-site storage solutions and the additional maintenance, cleaning and repairs that this involves. By using hybrid cloud services, companies can eliminate this cost and the associated costs of maintaining a physical infrastructure. Using virtualisation, all the data centres can be redundant, reducing capital expenditure and further reducing the risk associated with system downtime.


Enterprises can also make savings by deploying their applications and infrastructure in a data centre of their own. If a business buys a complete private cloud solution, they will be able to manage their own resources and do away with the need for third party application vendors and service providers. This helps them cut down on the high cost of maintaining a data centre. Hybrid cloud technology makes it easier for businesses to achieve scalability and flexibility while maintaining low costs. This kind of cloud solution is highly flexible, making it easy to tailor the use of the resources to the needs of individual businesses.

Private Cloud

Private Cloud is one of the newest buzzwords around the tech world. In an effort to stay ahead of the regulatory agencies that are constantly making changes to regulations that allow for new types of Cloud, some businesses are moving away from public clouds in favour of a private cloud.

Private Cloud in Australia is the most cost effective way to enhance the current infrastructure. It is also one of the most reliable ways to bring down your overall infrastructure investments. Whether you are looking for a complete data centre solution or just want to take advantage of the flexibility of a self hosted appliance, choosing a private network is the best way to go.

Many businesses that are planning to use IT infrastructure and software solutions in Australia do not have the budget to purchase their own premises and equipment. The likes of Facebook and Google have cloud services that they offer to the public. However, these services are not available in all the countries where there is a lack of infrastructure. Businesses in Australia have no choice but to resort to using external solutions to help them implement their business plans. Private cloud adoption in Australia has brought about major changes in the telecommunications sector.

Private Cloud has brought about major transformation in the way telecommunication infrastructures are implemented in Australia. Through private cloud computing services, companies in Australia are able to access the same powerful infrastructure as multinational corporations around the world. There is also a significant reduction in the operational costs incurred by an organization. Moreover, companies that make use of cloud services for managing their telecommunication infrastructures also enjoy increased employee productivity, better data security, better mobility options, and better response from their customers


The main advantage of using a private cloud solution is that it allows access to sensitive data by restricted users or companies. Companies with massive data centres can also reduce operational costs since they don’t need to pay for expensive computing infrastructure such as servers or network devices. On-site hardware installation is less expensive, which translates to better capital expenditure.

Private Cloud can provide a scalable platform for both small and large enterprises. With on-site setup of hardware and software, a private cloud computing system can provide superior scalability. This means that a business enterprise can effectively increase its capability by the addition of additional virtual servers.


  • Ensuring business continuity
  • Geographic availability
  • Security & privacy
  • Customisation
  • Compliance

If you are not familiar with these Cloud services than it might be helpful to learn more about them so you can evaluate your business’ options for going completely off-site with Microsoft technologies. When you go completely on-site with a Cloud platform your business will benefit in several ways including a reduced need for man-power, reduced need for expensive infrastructure, a simplified maintenance process, higher operational efficiency and more. The cloud services will enable you to utilise the capabilities and features of the Microsoft technologies while being able to retain some of the on-site conveniences including desktop computers and printers. By utilising the on-site and remote capabilities of the platform, you will not only save a significant amount of money but you will increase productivity and enhance the overall experience of your staff.

Cloud Services for MSPs

With the introduction of Cloud services for MSPs, companies across Australia have begun exploring options to manage their business infrastructure more effectively. The Cloud was a paradigm shift towards the distributed systems model. It provided an approach that was more flexible, elastic and manageable than the traditional software models. Managing infrastructure became easier with Cloud services for MSPs. With a Cloud data management strategy, you can be sure that your business is well protected against external threats, increasing productivity, reducing costs and enhancing customer relations.

The Cloud data services providers in Australia offer the following Cloud services for MSPs: – Web based application and design – Advanced database and data warehouse management – Integrated ERP and CMS solution – Scalable and high performance user interface development – Custom web development and management solution – Advanced security solutions including application security, authorization, monitoring, and control – Flexibility with easy scalability – Enterprise resource planning (ERP) support and management – Technical cloud services for MSPs There are other benefits as well. For example, you get a professional workforce with highly skilled professionals who are trained in deploying and managing Cloud applications. This reduces costs and the time required for deploying applications and it also increases employee productivity. This reduces the overall operational cost.

Companies that offer Cloud services for MSPs are aware of the challenges that are faced by them in deploying Cloud applications. A Cloud provider always designs their offerings in a way that is easy to deploy and use. Thus, they face fewer issues and their customers can gain maximum advantage from the deployment of their Cloud applications. It also allows them to make the most of the benefits offered by Cloud technology. In addition to all these advantages, the users are also provided with significant time savings and cost saving.

Cloud Services Providers

With so many cloud services providers in Australia it has become difficult to choose a vendor that is both suitable to your business needs and affordable. While there are many vendors in the market, only some of them have the expertise, resources and vision to match the growing demand of today’s business market. A highly experienced company such as Kaspersky Lab with its many years of industry experience is one such cloud services provider that can deliver your business data and applications securely and efficiently. The company has been in the market for many years and continues to expand its suite of products and services that help businesses manage their cloud infrastructure and keep their business information at safe levels.

50 Top Cloud Services Providers In Australia

First FocusFirst Focus is Australia’s best managed service provider for medium sized organisations. With tens of thousands of end users supported across hundreds of customers, First Focus has the experience and capability to deliver comprehensive managed …VoIP, IaaS, Hyper-convergence, Email Security, Data Storage, DaaS …Webroot, HPE, HP, Fortinet Authorized, Dell Authorized, ConnectWise …Philip Barton
Head of Client Services
Brennan ITFor over 21 years, Australia’s Leading Managed Services Provider, Brennan IT, offers an extensive range of services that can be custom designed based on your current and future business needs. Brennan IT was founded to provide Australian …VoIP, ERP, Email Security, Ecommerce, Dynamics 365, Domain Hosting …VMware Advanced, HPE Gold, HP Gold, Fortinet Silver, EMC², Dell Gold …Michelle Primmer
Head of Marketing Communications
InteractiveInteractive is one of Australia’s leading Managed IT service providers. We are the supplier of choice for critical Cloud and Managed Services, Data Centre, Business Continuity and Hardware Maintenance for more than 2000 of Australia’s most …Virtualization, Colocation, Cybersecurity, Data Storage, Hosted Exchange, Hyper-convergence …VMware Advanced, CA, Cisco Gold, Citrix, CommVault, IBM …Mal McHutchison
CompNowCompNow is an Australian owned Information Technology service provider, established in Melbourne 1990. Since then, we’ve grown from a small IT reseller to one of Australia’s largest privately-owned IT service providers and are recognised as …Virtualization, Azure, Backup & Recovery, Cloud Migration, Cybersecurity, DaaS …VMware Advanced, Apple, Aruba Gold, Cisco Premier, Dell Platinum, Extreme Net. Gold …Andrew Charles
Executive Sales Director
TechPathMany organisations across Australia depend on TechPath to provide the technology solutions that make them more productive and successful. By aligning technology solutions we enhance business capabilities and increase security.
Working with …
VoIP, Colocation, Cybersecurity, Email Security, Hyper-convergence, IaaS …Webroot, Citrix CSP, Datto, Dell Gold, Microsoft Gold, Ruckus …Troy Adams
Managing Director
Huon ITWe are an Australian based IT consultancy firm, and part of the Kyocera Group. We specialise in strategic planning, managed services, project implementation, cybersecurity and cloud initiatives. Our team services small, medium and large …VoIP, Hosted Exchange, Email Security, Dynamics 365, DevOps, Data Storage …Zerto, Cisco, Citrix, Fortinet, HP, HPE …Lindsay Rhodes
Senior Solutions Advisor
HD ITHD IT is an innovative and professional IT provider for small to mid-sized businesses throughout Australia. Our core values are based on being responsive, competent, friendly, and awesome. We bring the ‘WOW’ back into IT and we have experienced …VoIP, ERP, Email Security, Dynamics 365, Data Storage, DaaS …WatchGuard, Intel, IBM, HPE Platinum, HP Gold, Gfi …George Hanna
Managing Director
mcr ITSince 1987, mcr IT has been a trusted provider of IT solutions and support for Australian businesses. Our stated mission is to make IT work for you. Today, mcr IT focuses on delivering reliable, cost-effective, Managed IT Services to SMEs. With …Virtualization, Backup & Recovery, Cloud Migration, DaaS, Data Storage, Email Security …VMware Advanced, Cisco Gold, Dell Gold, HP Gold, HPE Gold, Meraki …Sam Vakili
Kaine Mathrick Tech (KMT)Kaine Mathrick Tech is Australia’s leading Managed Service & Cyber Security provider, providing IT infrastructure services, enabling an efficient and secure modern workplace for employees and businesses. We advise Australian businesses on IT …IaaS, Identity Management, IT Consulting, Managed IT, Managed Printing, Microsoft 365 …SolarWinds, Veeam Silver, Amazon APN Advanced, Aruba Business, ConnectWise, Datto Enterprise …Bradley Kaine
Managing Director
Data#3 LimitedData#3 Limited (DTL) is an ASX listed company that provides market-leading business technology solutions in a Hybrid IT environment from on-premise to outsourced to cloud across a wide range of industries throughout Australia and Asia Pacific. …VoIP, Backup & Recovery, Cloud Migration, Colocation, Cybersecurity, Data Storage …VMware Principal, Cisco Gold, Dell Titanium, EMC² Titanium, Forcepoint, HP Platinum …Laurence Baynham
Nexon Asia PacificNexon Asia Pacific (Nexon), a cloud and managed service provider, delivers IT for dynamic business. It deeply connects people, with innovative technology, in productive and efficient ways.
Nexon’s solutions enable clients to run their …
Email Security, Identity Management, Managed IT, Managed Printing, Microsoft 365, Networking & Wi-Fi …NetApp Gold, Veeam, SAP, Riverbed, Proofpoint, Poly …Louise Touma
Marketing Manager
XelloWe believe there’s a better way to provide technology solutions. We take a forward-thinking approach where customers are partners, and digital transformation is all about the ‘why’ for today – and tomorrow.GCP, DevOps, Cybersecurity, Cloud Migration, Azure, AWSVMware Partner, Palo Alto, Microsoft Gold, AmazonPeter Lillywhite
Managing Director
Office Solutions ITWork-hard, feel-good IT solutions and consultancy. Taking the complexities away form IT is what we do. We make sure everything works, day in, day out. And not just your inbox. From security and operational costs, through to data-driven business …VoIP, Azure, Backup & Recovery, Cloud Migration, CRM, Cybersecurity …Webroot, Cisco, ConnectWise, Dell, HP, HPE …James Sutherland
Quorum SystemsQuorum is a highly advanced and innovative professional and managed services provider that uses targeted IT solutions to suit the demands of the modern business environment. We provide organisations with revolutionary and sophisticated technologies …SD-WAN, Microsoft 365, Networking & Wi-Fi, Managed IT, IaaS, Cybersecurity …Microsoft Gold, Fortinet GoldMark McLean
Managing Director
Comunet Pty LtdComunet was established in 1995 to provide professional IT consulting services and solutions to Australian businesses and organisations.
Our vision is to provide our customers with a unique level of highly specialised computer network support …
Web Development, AWS, Azure, Backup & Recovery, Cloud Migration, Cybersecurity …Zerto, Apple, Citrix Silver, Fortinet, HP, IBM …Alexei Fey
Diamond Information TechnologyDiamond is one of the leading IT and Communications Managed Service Providers in Australia offering innovative Technology solutions to the Small to Medium Business (SMB) market. We help organisations achieve their business goals by delivering …Web Development, AWS, Azure, Cloud Migration, Data Storage, Dynamics 365 …Microsoft Gold, Kaseya, HPE, HP, Google, Cisco …Robert Buck
Managing Director
Harbour ITHarbour IT is an Australian company that provides a range of IT Services for Australian based companies. Harbour IT was founded in 2001 and today boasts a team of over 200 highly trained and talented staff. In October 2014 Canon Australia acquired …VoIP, Hyper-convergence, Email Security, Data Storage, DaaS, Cybersecurity …VMware Advanced, Juniper, IBM, HPE, HP, EMC² …Steve Evans
General Manager 
ADITSAt ADITS, we implement progressive technology solutions which enables your business to achieve its mission. We are an internationally recognized Managed Service Provider, currently supporting over 5700 users. ADITS specialised team of 30 have the …Email Security, Domain Hosting, DaaS, Cybersecurity, Colocation, Cloud Migration …Symantec Silver, StorageCraft Platinum, Sophos Gold, Microsoft Silver, HPE, HP …Ashley Darwen
Managing Director
The Missing LinkEstablished in 1997, The Missing Link was born from a vision to help businesses achieve their goals with the right IT solutions and services. We continue to deliver on this promise, helping your business achieve more by transforming your IT for …VoIP, Email Security, DevOps, Data Storage, DaaS, Cybersecurity …Zscaler, Fortinet, FireEye Gold, f5, EMC², Dell …Alex Gambotto
ITtelligent Consulting ServicesWe are ITtelligent; A team of passionate, friendly and personable IT Support specialists who work to solve your IT challenges and configure your infrastructure in a way that supports your future growth.
Everything we do is focused on providing …
AWS, Azure, Backup & Recovery, Cybersecurity, Data Storage, Domain Hosting …WatchGuard, Eset, Fortinet, Google, HP, HPE …Robert Adelman
XCentralXCentral is now part of Nexon Asia Pacific.
As your total sourcing technology partner, XCentral is your first and only point of call for IT services from hardware, software and application hosting right through to the desktop and support.
VoIP, ERP, Email Security, Dynamics 365, Domain Hosting, Data Storage …Webroot, Apple, Cisco, Citrix Silver, ConnectWise, Dell …Angus Mansfield
Mercury ITMercury IT delivers comprehensive outcome-based information technology solutions to businesses in Australia. Our offering is highly personalised—we tailor systems to our clients’ strategies, delivering the visibility, control and protection that …Virtualization, Hosted Exchange, Email Security, Data Storage, DaaS, Cybersecurity …Webroot, VMware Partner, Trend Micro, Symantec, Microsoft Gold, HP …Aj Williams
Managing Director
Empired LtdEmpired specialises in the design, development and integration of business knowledge, information technology and creativity. Using Microsoft technologies as the base for everything we do, across the full spectrum of enterprise requirements, we work …Web Development, Dynamics 365, Data Storage, DaaS, Cybersecurity, CRM …VMware, CA, Check Point, Cisco, Citrix, CommVault …Russell Baskerville
Board of Directors
PowerNET IT SolutionsWe are a leading technology solution provider (MSP) empowering people and businesses across Australia and New Zealand to be more productive and secure.
Powernet IT Solutions was founded in 1994 by Jacob Ohlson as a result of identifying an …
VoIP, Email Security, Dynamics 365, Domain Hosting, DaaS, Cybersecurity …VMware Partner, Barracuda, ConnectWise, Datto, Fujitsu, HP …Nick Moran
SureBridge Pty LtdSureBridge IT is a Brisbane based IT cloud and managed services, hardware and maintenance specialist servicing clients across Australia. Along with expertise in systems integration and storage, SureBridge specialises in providing custom IT solutions …Virtualization, Azure, Backup & Recovery, Cloud Migration, Colocation, Data Storage …Webroot, HP, Dell Platinum, Datto, CommVault, Citrix …Justin Hansen
General Manager
SomervilleSomerville is one of the most experienced Hybrid IT solution providers in Australia delivering over 35 years of exceptional service and value to our customers. Public and private cloud services are deployed over our managed network – a diverse, …VoIP, Azure, Backup & Recovery, Cloud Migration, Cybersecurity, DaaS …VMware Advanced, Aruba, Check Point, HP Gold, HPE Gold, Microsoft Gold …Craig Somerville
Managing Director
Computer One Pty LtdWe’re based in Brisbane, but we have clients across around the country and internationally. They use us because they trust our commitment to resolving their IT issues quickly and delivering projects on-time, on-budget, every time. We’re a …Web Development, Hyper-convergence, Hosted Exchange, Email Security, Data Storage, DaaS …VMware Partner, HP, Fujitsu, Dell, Datto, ConnectWise …James Walker
Managing Director
Strategic GroupWe’re an Australian IT company dedicated to providing a ‘better way’ for businesses throughout Australia.
Strategic Group was born in Newcastle NSW in 1989, and since then has expanded across the country.
We wanted to be more than …
VoIP, Hosted Exchange, Email Security, DevOps, Data Storage, DaaS …VMware Partner, ConnectWise, Datto, Dell, Kaspersky, Microsoft …
Linktech AustraliaAt Linktech Australia our team specialise in helping you get the most from your Digital Transformation.

We focus on the technology, so you don’t have to, by helping you choose the best-suited technology for your objectives, configure …
VoIP, Hosted Exchange, GCP, Email Security, Data Storage, DaaS …Webroot, Aruba, Cisco, Citrix, Google, HP Gold …Regina Melamed
General Manager
Correct SolutionsWelcome to Correct Solutions – an IT services company that helps Australian businesses maximise their technology investments by doing IT the “Correct” way. Correct Solutions works alongside you to ensure your technology and business goals are …VoIP, DaaS, Data Storage, Email Security, Hosted Exchange, Hyper-convergence …VMware, Microsoft Gold, CiscoRyan Spillane
Managing Director
Bremmar ConsultingWhether we act as your virtual IT services department, complement your in-house resources, audit and recommend technology solutions, or help you move your business systems to the cloud, we are the IT company that works hard to make your work easier.Virtualization, Microsoft 365, Managed IT, IT Consulting, Hyper-convergence, DaaS …Zerto, Citrix, ConnectWise, EMC², Meraki, Microsoft Gold …Brenton Harris
Managing Director
Truis PTY LTDTruis was founded 40 years ago under the name Computer Merchants, with a mission to create innovative IT solutions that align with our customer’s unique situations and ambitions. As technology has advanced and our client’s needs have evolved, so …VoIP, Cybersecurity, DaaS, Data Storage, DevOps, Email Security …VMware Partner, Juniper Reseller, IBM Platinum, Huawei Authorized, HPE Gold, HP Silver …Norm Jefferies
Managing Director
ViatekViatek is a services-based organisation delivering tailored business solutions across all aspects of print, IT and communications. Established in 1984, Viatek is proudly Australian owned and operated. With 23 offices across regional and …VoIP, Colocation, CRM, DaaS, Data Storage, Ecommerce …WatchGuard, Citrix, Dell, HP, HPE, IBM …William Gibb
NuagoNuago is a technology service company established in Adelaide, South Australia with a particular focus on enabling small and medium businesses through the use of technology.
We believe the best technical minds and solutions should be …
VoIP, Azure, Backup & Recovery, Cloud Migration, Cybersecurity, DaaS …Zscaler, Aruba Gold, Cisco Select, Citrix, Dell Gold, EMC² Gold …Brendon O’Rourke
Managing Director
Steadfast SolutionsFrom our start as a break-fix and procurement option for small businesses, Steadfast Solutions has grown to represent one of the best service management companies in Australia. We service all sizes of customers from boutiques to large retail chains, …VoIP, Virtualization, Microsoft 365, Managed IT, IT Consulting, Cybersecurity …StorageCraft, Microsoft Gold, HP, Fortinet, Cisco, AmazonCraig Jacotine
General Manager
Ethan GroupFounded in 2002, Ethan Group is an Australian-owned information technology and communications service provider that offers systems integration, technology sourcing, business systems architecture, telecommunications, and information communications …VoIP, IaaS, Hyper-convergence, Hosted Exchange, Email Security, Data Storage …VMware Advanced, HP Platinum, Google, Forcepoint Platinum, EMC² Titanium, Dell Titanium …Paul Kawtal
Reflex Technology GroupFor over 30 years RTG has been providing educators, businesses and organisations with tailored ICT specialist strategies, solutions and support across Australia. Our solutions include: ICT review, strategies and consulting, infrastructure managed …Backup & Recovery, Bare Metal, DaaS, Data Storage, Email Security, GCP …WatchGuard, Cisco, Dell, Fortinet, HP, HPE …Nigel Thomson
Executive Chairman
eStorm AustraliaAt eStorm Australia we believe that when it comes to IT, one size doesn’t fit all. With over 15 years experience, we truly have a passion for what we do.
Over 15 years we have built our reputation in the IT industry as being an adaptive, …
VoIP, Azure, Backup & Recovery, Cloud Migration, Colocation, Cybersecurity …VMware, Microsoft Gold, Intel Gold, Google, Dell, Cisco …Jason La Macchia
Managing Director
LogicalTechLogicalTech provides your business with a wide range of IT solutions enabling increasing productivity and to ensure business competitiveness. We deliver solutions to enhance your business success.Virtualization, Colocation, CRM, Cybersecurity, Data Storage, ERP …WatchGuard, StorageCraft, Oracle Gold, Microsoft Gold, BarracudaMario Misso
Director/ Owner
ONGCONGC create an innovative environment that will help your internal teams and clients through the use of technology.
Our main aim as a business is to improve our client’s work-life balance by providing a workspace that helps satisfy your …
SharePoint, Private Cloud, Microsoft 365, Managed IT, Data StorageVeeam, Sophos, Microsoft Gold, CylanceSteve Dawson
Generation-eGeneration-e is the Australian authority in unified communications and cloud technologies. Combining deep expertise and experience Generation-e develops anywhere, anytime solutions that help people engage seamlessly and drive positive business …VoIP, Cloud Migration, Hosted Exchange, Identity Management, IT Consulting, Managed IT …Poly, Microsoft Gold, Lenovo, Juniper, ArubaAndrew Bentley
Sales Director
Datcom CloudDatcom Cloud has been helping businesses get the most out of their IT solutions and expand in new directions since 1997. We specialise in Network & System Integration, Professional Services, IT Procurement, Solutions Architecture, Cloud Computing …VoIP, Azure, Backup & Recovery, Cloud Migration, Colocation, Cybersecurity …VMware, HP Silver, Google, Datto Enterprise, CrowdStrike Elite, Citrix Silver …Jay Sayed
Managing Director
Catalytic ITCatalytic IT is an independent IT consultancy, specialising in catering to Professional, Retail, Medical, and Education markets. With many years of experience, we have the knowledge that organisations need to stay ahead in today’s technology …Microsoft 365, Networking & Wi-Fi, Managed IT, IT Consulting, Data Storage, Cybersecurity …Veeam, Aruba, Cisco, Dell, EMC², HPE …Matthew Healey
Managing Director
Command IT ServicesCommand I.T. Services is a professional IT services company with offices in Perth, Karratha and Port Hedland, Western Australia.
Our team consists of experienced professionals who align with our core values of integrity, simplicity and …
SharePoint, VoIP, Virtualization, Azure, Backup & Recovery, Cloud Migration …Veeam, Cisco, Dell, Fortinet, Gfi, HP …Bryan Buzzard
Managing Director
Leap ConsultingLeap Consulting a Perth based IT consultant has developed a unique IT engagement model that covers the 4 critical ingredients necessary to successfully lead you through the simple but powerful changes you need to make to fully align IT with your …VoIP, Hosted Exchange, ERP, Email Security, Data Storage, DaaS …Webroot, Cisco, Citrix Silver, ConnectWise, Datto Business, Dell Gold …Zaun Bhana
Managing Director
ALINKWe make IT easy for you 24/7.
Whatever business you run, IT plays an integral part. But that doesn’t mean you need to be be an IT expert. In fact, it is the last thing you should have to worry about.
ALINK’s affordable, proactive IT …
IT Consulting, IaaS, Hosted Exchange, Email Security, Domain Hosting, Data Storage …VMware Partner, Datto Professional, Dell Platinum, EMC² Authorized, HP, HPE …Eddie Borg
Customer Relationship Manager
AffinityMSPAffinityMSP was created with one goal in mind: to help Australian businesses achieve success through high-performance technology. Our consultants take the time to get to know your business and customise the solutions you need most. We engage with …Hyper-convergence, Hosted Exchange, Email Security, Domain Hosting, DaaS, Colocation …Webroot, Barracuda, Dell Authorized, Fortinet Authorized, Google, HP …Nick Ower
Managing Director
Empower IT SolutionsEmpower IT Solutions understands that not every business can afford a dedicated IT team or specialist to look after their IT needs. This is why we provide IT services that will support you no matter what growth stage your business is at, saving you …VoIP, ERP, Email Security, Dynamics 365, Domain Hosting, Data Storage …Webroot, Cisco, ConnectWise, Dell Authorized, Eset, Fujitsu SELECT Expert …Salim Sukari
Rodin Business ServicesRODIN is a long established IT service provider to businesses and organisations across Australia. We are an intensely customer focused organisation that develops strong and lasting relationships with our customers, and we strive to provide the best …VoIP, Colocation, Cybersecurity, Data Storage, GCP, IT Consulting …Sophos Gold, SolarWinds, Microsoft, Lenovo, Google, ConnectWise …Aaron Jacobs
General Manager
Forsythes TechnologyWe’ve been managing and scaling mission-critical IT, networks and communications infrastructure since 1987. We are trusted by organisations Australia-wide.Web Development, Backup & Recovery, Cybersecurity, DaaS, Data Storage, Email Security …Zscaler, Citrix, EMC², Fortinet, HP, HPE …Bill Brennan

Summing up

As cloud services providers in Australia are able to offer a hosted solution to companies of all sizes, they become very attractive to businesses looking for a cost effective and flexible on-demand solution. By offering hosted services, businesses can also take advantage of a number of tools that help them analyze and track their usage patterns. They can also make use of billing solutions provided by these on-demand platform providers and get accurate billing information to ensure that they are able to maximize their budget and resources. With this information they can improve their customer experience, reduce cost, improve return of investment and ultimately improve business performance.

Secondary editor and executive officer at Tech Business News. Contracting as an IT support engineer for 20 years Matthew has a passion for sharing his knowledge of the technology industry. He's also an advocate for global cyber security matters.

Matthew Giannelis
Matthew Giannelis
Secondary editor and executive officer at Tech Business News. Contracting as an IT support engineer for 20 years Matthew has a passion for sharing his knowledge of the technology industry. He's also an advocate for global cyber security matters.

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