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Kit homemaker goes 3D to win pandemic sales

Victoria’s iBuild named a finalist in the Australian Export Awards 15 November 2021

iBuild Kit Homes is being celebrated as a Victorian and national success story, after being named  as a finalist in the 2021 Australian Export Awards. 

iBuild traditionally builds modular and kit homes for the Australian market, but the company  pivoted during the pandemic, improving its digital presence, and pioneering 3D walkthroughs  with much success. 

The Australian Export Awards showcase Australian businesses which are succeeding  on the global stage in key sectors such as agriculture, e-commerce, digital  technologies, resources, health and biotechnology.  

Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment Dan Tehan said Australian exporters had achieved  extraordinary outcomes in the past year. 

“Australia is a trading nation, and the high quality of the nominations for this year’s awards  demonstrate why we are a world leading exporter,” Mr Tehan said. 

“Successful exporters are innovative, hard-working and versatile and their work supports jobs  and other businesses in our community.” 

Managing Director of iBuild Kit Homes Jackson Yin says while iBuild has traditionally concentrated  on modular and kit homes for the Australian market, the company was forced to reinvent itself  during COVID, yet innovation has come with incredible rewards.  

“COVID-19 forced us to shut down our display homes, forcing us to improve our digital presence  and create a series of virtual reality 3D showrooms walkthroughs,” Mr Yin said.  

“The online investment immediately bore fruit with a multi-million-dollar contract in Senegal  contributing to a German foreign aid project.” 

With a compound annual revenue growth rate of 816 per cent, iBuild is looking forward to  increasing sales in Africa and abroad where they say the fact they’re Australian made has been  a key selling point. 

“International clients know the rigours of Australian design and construction standards, they  know how strict our consumer laws are and the quality of our manufacturing.  

“We start every sentence saying ‘Australian Made’ because we know the power that claim has. 

“We would have never considered this possible without the push into developing our online  services. We’re thrilled that we can now improve Australian exports and bring our expertise to  help those in need around the globe

iBuild Kit Homes will first compete against fellow finalists in the Small Business category, before an overall 2021 Australian Exporter of the Year is selected from each of the category winners. The winner will be announced in Canberra by Minister Tehan on Thursday, 25 November

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