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Ampol supports historic rebrand and rapid diversification

With completion set for the end of 2022, the rebuild of the famed Ampol brand is no simple feat, and the digital transformation is just as mammoth as the updates to the petrol stations we all drive past.

This is what inspired a multi-year strategy featuring a major cloud migration, including the replacement of legacy, on-premises systems with software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications. Ampol then turned to Boomi to connect its digital systems, removing a “spaghetti junction” of integrations to pave the way for data analytics.

“In an organisation as diverse as Ampol – running hundreds of technology solutions crucial to daily workflows, retail operations, and customer experience initiatives – we needed something in the middle to connect the data being generated,” said Lindsay Hoare, Head of Technology at Ampol.

With a full view of the company’s technologies and processes, and eliminating extensive manual data entry from employees’ workflows – from shipping activities, stock levels, and supply, right through to service fuel prices and its fuel card initiatives – Ampol’s not only countering the back-end complexities of the rebrand, but rapidly bringing new services to market. Ampol recently partnered with UberEats, and indicated plans to pivot to electric to reach net zero emissions by 2040.  

With system integrations 70 per cent faster and at 30 per cent of the previous cost, and a swathe of reusable tools under its wing, Ampol IT is delivering an abundance of strategic initiatives that Lindsay can speak to, including smaller projects that previously would not have had viable business cases.

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