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CBA implements tool to verify $1bn tech budget is well-spent

Broader benefits are anticipated for project delivery.

The CBA has deployed software to help it prove that its $ 1 billion annual technology budget is well worth it, and more broadly that internal change projects are doing well.

Executive CEO Christian Eggers said last week that the bank has replaced its existing “portfolio and project management tool, PPMC, with Planview Enterprise One.

The bank began rolling out in early 2020, with further releases scheduled for 2022.

Eggers said the new solution “will help the CBA implement and manage our significant change program through greater transparency in design data.”

Eggers said Planview offered “integration between key systems such as PeopleSoft and Workday, enabling the delivery community to better and more accurately manage their financials and plan and distribute their resources.”

Planview is expected to standardize approximately 100 processes and controls, including resource and finance management, and provide a single “glass pane” for project teams and leaders – a total user base of approximately 13,000 percent.

Eggers said Planview – as “a single, standardized real-time reporting system for all projects” – will enable project teams “to focus on innovation, problem solving and task completion for our customers and our colleagues.”

He also said the new software would help the bank justify its ongoing technology spending.

“More generally, with CBA investing more than $ 1 billion annually in technology, Planview Enterprise One gives us the ability to more accurately verify the investment we are spending to achieve the expected results, as well as measure the health of our portfolio, speed of delivery and workforce use, ”he said.

Eggers added that he was “still in the early stages” with “a long way to go before he is fully integrated” into the CBA environment.

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