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Are Essay Writing Services Illegal?

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No, essay writing services aren’t illegal. Students using them to cheat education on examinations are guilty of intellectual dishonesty. The writers must know that what they write will be used as intellectual property. The students pursued higher education must purchase model and original essays for the course to truly gain a deeper understanding of the subject.

The question is, why should we allow the universities and colleges to employ these inferior resources? The answer is simple; we need professional essay writers to do the job for us. The academic papers we write must meet very stringent requirements. They cannot be copied or plagiarized, they must not include any student’s personal opinions or judgments, and they should contain information only about the specific topic(s) studied in the school or college in question.

Most of the professors of today have no time to write their own research papers anymore, as they are overwhelmed with the vast amount of work required by their classrooms and departments. In order to meet their end of the educational spectrum, most of them resort to online essay writing services. Since it is their profession, they are often the ones who hire the most professional and well researched writers to do the job for them. Some of them even assign specific research papers, which they then grade and post on their websites for the students to view and learn.

The problem, however, lies in the fact that these academics are being quite unfair to the rest of us. It is well known that plagiarism has become widespread nowadays. Professors take no responsibility whatsoever for plagiarized works, as such works do not fall within the purview of their professional disciplines.

Even so, universities and colleges are using essay writing services to catch out those who indulge in cheating on exams. This is a perfect example of how a PhD student fails to understand the source of his own excellence. As the education secretary, it is up to you to keep them on track by reminding them about the damage that is being caused to their university by these kinds of trivial actions.

A PhD student may be accused of plagiarism simply because he or she copies another person’s work without having their own original writings. Even if you happen to be working with an impeccable academic background and impressive academic achievements, this will not be enough to set your name above all others.

You should always bear in mind that your academic works must be original, unique, and written in a style and manner suitable for your chosen field of study. If you are facing a plagiarism accusation, it is important to consult with your essay writing services so that they can find ways of proving that your works are indeed original. Even if you cannot prove that you didn’t copy another author’s work, a reputable and professional essay writing service will still be able to convince the universities that you did, hence, paving the way for your reinstatement into the academic community after the plagiarism scandal.

Students who are caught cheating are usually first shocked, then dismayed, and finally, devastated. If you are one of those who are suffering, you will find solace in the fact that hiring essay writing services is usually much more affordable than enrolling in an expensive college or university. It is true that these services do offer higher pay rates, but not everything is dependent on what the fees are. Essay writing is not merely a means to make money; it is also a profession that can really help you land your dream job.

Another advantage of choosing to have your essays proofread and revised by experts is the benefit of gaining valuable feedback from experts. This could greatly help you improve on your craft. Of course, not many students use online essay writing services, but there are many students out there who do. In fact, some international students use online services to enhance their chances of landing their dream scholarship programs!

Finally, you should remember that using an essay writing service is not like hiring a ghostwriter to write your essays for you. A ghostwriter can charge hundreds of dollars per hour, whereas an essay writing service can provide articles and even whole essays (not just a paragraph or two) for a fee. Not all ghostwriters are cheap, but a good service should not cost more than $40 per hour. Plus, a good essay writing service will be able to provide references for previous work and the like. They would also be able to edit your article for any grammatical or spelling errors.

A writer and technology industry expert

Sandra Dawson
Sandra Dawson
A writer and technology industry expert

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