9 Tips for Engaging Consumers in A World Of Hybrid Events

Today, hybrid events have become a part of the new normal and are likely to stay forever. As per the recent survey, a large percentage of event organisers are planning to add a virtual component to their physical events even after the pandemic gets over completely. The benefits offered by hybrid events are far beyond the reach of traditional event formats. And the flexibility of the event format, allows attendees to either attend the event in-person or virtually from their remote locations. Thus resulting in expanding event reach and growing your event attendance. But, herein the major challenge lies in audience engagement.

A large segment of consumers is accessing the hybrid event via a screen virtually. However, the chances of getting distracted are more for virtual attendees as they are not surrounded by any other attendee to interact. Engaging them with the event is a must to ensure a successful hybrid event.

Leveraging the right virtual hybrid event platform that comprises a wide array of engagement features is a must to host a successful event. Today, there are hundreds of hybrid event platforms available in the market, selecting the one that suits your event requirements is the key to ensure success. However, many event organisers still struggle in engaging attendees with the event. In this blog, we have uncovered some effective tips to engage customers with hybrid events and achieve optimal results. Let’s get started!

Tips to engage attendees with hybrid events

We have listed a few effective ways to engage customers with the hybrid events effortlessly and achieve optimal results. Have a look:

  1. Give importance to both the set of attendees while creating content

While creating content for your hybrid event keeps both the set of attendees in mind. i.e virtual events and in-person. Negligence on the part of any set of attendees will not result in delivering optimal results. Create content that can engage both virtual as well as in-person attendees and deliver value to them. The content must be innovative, informative with the most relevant information, knowledgeable, and engaging to deliver outstanding results. Compelling content that has the power to engage both the set of attendees is quite essential to engage consumers in a world of hybrid events.

  1. Offer engagement opportunities to virtual attendees

Attendees who are physically present at the event location are surrounded by a small set of attendees. Thus, it is easy for them to interact with people they are surrounded by. But, with virtual attendees, watching an event for long hours via a screen is just not stimulating and they might get bored. Offer engagement opportunities for virtual attendees. You can introduce Live polls, surveys, Q&A sessions, and more. It will help in engaging attendees with the event and share their opinions as well. Additionally, an event organiser will be able to get a better understanding of their attendees.

  1. Organise quizzes

You can opt to organise a quiz in your hybrid event relevant to the event topic for both the set of attendees. It will help in engaging attendees effortlessly with the event. Additionally, it will allow attendees to gain a better understanding of your brand or business. It is one of the most fun ways to impart information and engage attendees effortlessly.

  1. Gamify the hybrid event

Gamification techniques always work to boost engagement at the event. Integrate virtual games such as spin the wheel, tic-tac-toe, dart game, shooting game, temple run, and more to your hybrid events. It will help in boosting excitement and engage attendees effortlessly with the hybrid event. Additionally, you can even organise custom games as per your event theme.

  1. Integrate leaderboard challenge

One of the smartest ways to engage attendees effortlessly with the hybrid event. It helps in motivating attendees to navigate each aspect of the event and do certain activities in the lure of earning more points. You can even opt to reward the top scorer of the leaderboard to make them feel valued or allow them to redeem points in the form of gift cards.

  1. Photo booths always work in boosting engagements

Everyone loves getting clicked at the event. Integrate photo booths in hybrid events. It is one of the most effective ways to engage attendees effortlessly. Allow your attendees to get clicked with branded AR/VR photo booths and take event memorabilia back home. Additionally, you can even allow your attendees to share their snaps instantly with friends and family via social media. Thus, extending your event reach effortlessly.

  1. Offer swag bags

Give your attendees giveaways in the form of branded merchandise. It will help in making them feel appreciated and valued. You can ask the speaker to ask random questions and attendees who answer them right will get a free gift. It is one of the most effective ways to keep attendees hooked with the event for long hours.

  1. Facilitate attendees to network freely

Allow your attendees to network freely in a virtual hybrid environment. Offer various opportunities to network with other attendees, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors in real-time. You can offer networking lounges, networking tables, 2-way conferencing, B2B meeting scheduler, business card exchange, and more. It will help attendees to interact in real-time and even before and after the event to foster meaningful business relationships.

  1. Invite celebrity guests to the event

To create excitement with your hybrid event and keep your attendees hooked, you can plan to invite celebrity guests to the event. It will help in boosting excitement among the attendees long before the event commences. Thus, making them feel motivated to be a part of the event to catch the celebrity session.

Over to You

Hybrid events are most likely the future of the event industry. It has been clear by now that, even when the world recovers from the pandemic, physical events in the future will have virtual components attached to them. It not only helps in extending event reach but helps in boosting business revenues as well. We have listed 9 effective tips to boost engagements at your hybrid events. Hope it helps you out!

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