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Best Drones for Indoor Use


Flying a drone indoors is a good alternative if you don’t want to face the inconvenience of traveling to a location where you are allowed to fly, the weather is fluctuating, or if you have only a few moments to spare.

Most camera drones that are designed for outdoor use have GPS, which is unusable indoors. They also include robust radio control systems and cameras optimized for aerial photography rather than First Person View (FPV) piloting. The best drones for outdoor photography seem to be too large and heavy for the average household.

It is far better to use indoor craft. Indoor drones must be tiny and light enough to prevent breaking or damaging objects, as well as agile enough to avoid obstacles. Overall the finest drones for flying indoors are so small that even if they collide with you.

They won’t harm you nor cause damage to the wall. The best nano drones are small enough to fit in your palm and have tiny propellers that spin on the motor shaft or bend when they touch something.

Potensic A20W is an excellent option among the best indoor drones as it comes with vast features at an affordable price.

(Image credit: Potensic)

Potensic A20W Mini Drone

Best indoor drone for children aged seven and above.


FPV: Yes, through the smartphone screen

Weight: 25g

Battery: 5 minutes (x 2 batteries)


The Potensic A20W is a palm-sized drone with a durable exterior shell, four small propellers, and robust prop guards to protect the drone in the event of a collision. This hardy little toy can hold out against a lot of strikes.

Many mini drone controllers are complex, with a slew of pushbuttons for calibration, but the Potensic is simple. There are two thumbstick control and shoulder buttons to manage the camera and cycle through the three-speed modes, from slow to dragonfly fast.

A smartphone and an app are required to receive a live stream from the A20W’s small front-mounted 480p camera. Because the camera is fixed, video footage will appear slightly jerky as the drone flips and turns. The video quality is not excellent, but it is suitable for children who wish to learn about framing and creating cinematic scenes.

The problem with most low-cost drones is that it is nearly impossible to keep them in the air. The reason is that they lack flight stabilizing barometric pressure sensors. Fortunately, the Potensic A20W has a barometer to maintain the drone on a consistent altitude plane. It means that the child can focus on controlling the drone rather than battling with the power stick.

There’s also automatic landing and a red LED at the back that flashes when the battery is about to die, letting you know if you are hovering in a decent landing area. Other notable aspects include a way-point flight route function, you need to draw a path on the phone’s map, and the drone will pursue it- and a Gravity induction mode that allows the kid to guide the drone by tilting the phone.

Better protection with four circular propeller guardsMight not be appropriate for experts
Emergency stop button to prevent crashesThe camera is not great
It is quick and agile 
It is really light and easy to handle 
You are not required to register with FAA to fly this drone in the US 
It comes at a reasonable price 


From the outset, the Potensic A20W is outstanding. It is well-made, safe to fly even for children aged four years, and performs admirably for such a small drone. So the Headless mode and the fact that the top speed can be varied from slow to dragonfly quick with a single push of a button on the controller are fantastic.

Though the camera is not excellent, it is more than acceptable for children. It would have been amazing if the battery would last longer, but it is compatible with the drone’s size. It is a great drone for its price, but it drifts a bit when hovering. So, if you are looking for an indoor drone without registering with CAA, Potensic A20W is the best option.

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