Why Do Brands Add Social Media Feeds on Websites?

The rise of social media has revolutionised the marketing landscape; nowadays, every business promotes their brand using social media and tends to add social media marketing strategies in their marketing plans. 

Marketers are utilising social media to such an extent that they are now using social media feeds for their websites. The strategy of embedding social media feeds on websites has gained popularity because it provides efficient results and is economical compared to any huge advertising campaign. 

What is a Social Media Feed?

Whenever you log in to your social media accounts, the first thing that appears in your window is a feed of that particular platform. It usually consists of the posts and content uploaded by people from your social circle (connected with you on that particular social media platform). On exploring further, you can even find content from other users as well.

Each social media platform focuses on different kinds of content. For example, Instagram is known for visual media content; hence, most of the content on the platforms consists of images and videos. On the other hand, Twitter is a micro-blogging social media platform; its users usually upload text content. Likewise, other social media platforms have their preferences. 

People often use social media to review a product or share their image with the product. This user-generated content helps businesses to get some recognition and boosts their reach.

Embedding Social media feeds helps a business website in the following ways :

1. Increases user engagement on the website

People usually avoid visiting a dull and flat website as these websites fail to create an impression and do not enhance a visitor’s browsing experience. However, a visitor always likes that website at least engages them to develop some interest in the brand or on their products. 

Embedding social media feeds on the website is a smart way to make the website engaging. Most of the social media aggregator tools provide the feature of automatic regular updates, which means these tools update the feed automatically; you don’t need to refresh the feed manually. That means, where your marketing team uploads content weekly or monthly, social media aggregators upload the content on the website as soon as people post it on the social media website. And we all know how social media is part of everyone’s life now; they tend to share their smiling images with the product or upload any video explaining the product. Embedded social media feeds display these contents and engage the visitors on the website.

With scrollable feed, the visitor can see unlimited content related to the business, and as he spends more time on the website, the opportunity for sale increases.

2. Makes your website vibrant

To impress a visitor, one should have a lively and vibrant website, as mentioned above, people avoid visiting a boring website, and if you don’t have visitors, then there is hardly any chance of getting some sales. 

As discussed earlier, social media platforms provide a variation in the content, consisting of texts, images, videos and more. The variation of content beautifies the website as it brings vibrancy and liveliness to the website.

A vibrant-looking website creates a good impression on the visitors, at the same time, the regular content keeps the website fresh and gives visitors a reason to visit the website again.

3. Provides social proof

The feed displays all the user-generated content from various social media platforms, consisting of people’s images, videos, and feedback related to the product. And that is what a potential customer looks for. A potential customer tends to find all the relevant information about the product before buying and looks for public opinion, as the past user provides genuine feedback about the product.

The feed displays these reviews, images, and videos on the website, which acts as social proof for the visitors and provides them with the reviews that eventually help in their buying decision. Another great benefit of embedding social media feeds consisting of reviews and feedback is that it increases your brand reputation. You appear transparent to your visitors, who showcase reviews and public opinions.

4. Strengthen social media presence

With such competition in the market, there can be a chance that people would be unaware of your social media presence. You can introduce your social media pages by embedding the posts and contents from your pages on your website. And upon vising your website, visitors can sneak into your social media presence and eventually follow you on social media if he likes your content. 

A strong social media presence helps a brand to reach more audiences and increase its brand recognition. Moreover, a good social media presence also increases a brand’s reputation as many people often determine a brand’s quality and reputation by their social media followings.


In this competitive world, every day, a new business website comes into existence to attract visitors. And hence, to stay relevant, it becomes necessary to have an attractive website that attracts audiences, as it helps businesses generate sales. Embedding social media feeds on the website is a smart strategy as it is efficient, effective, and saves costs. That means it provides maximum benefits at minimum cost.


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