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Which WiFi Internet Plans Are Perfect for Online Gaming?

The advancements in modern technology, as well as the emergence of high-speed internet connection, paved the way for various types of entertainment to be made available online, including playing high-definition and immersive games. Just keep in mind that your internet speed should be blazing fast and incredibly reliable if you want to achieve the ultimate gaming experience. This article lists down some of the best internet plans perfect for online gaming.

TPG NBN50 Unlimited

TPG is one of the internet service providers that offer one of the best internet plans for gaming. This is one of the best NBN deals you can consider because when you subscribe to their NBN50 unlimited plan, not only will you enjoy a plan with no data cap, but you will experience data speeds of up to 50Mbps as well. This means that you won’t be dropping out of the game server while you are in the process of making a decisive play. This can be attributed to the fact that this plan is reliable even during the busiest hours of the day where network congestion can be expected.

Dodo NBN50 Unlimited

Another plan that is suitable for online gamers is the one offered by Dodo. With its NBN50 Unlimited plan, you only have to pay $58.50 per month. From there, you will already get to enjoy a typical evening speed of 50Mbps as well as unlimited data. This means that even if other people in your household are connected to the internet while you are playing, you won’t experience any slowdown in your connection. Aside from this, Dodo’s NBN50 Unlimited also comes with pay-as-you-go local, national, and mobile calls.

iiNet NBN100 Limitless

In case you belong to a large household, then you may need more than a standard speed tier plan to foster your online gaming needs. In this case, you may want to consider subscribing to iiNet’s NBN100 Limitless that promises a typical evening speed of 90Mbps for only $89.99 a month. You can even bundle this plan with Fetch if you want to but the connection fees will apply.

Tangerine NBN XL Boost

Finally, you can also go for Tangerine’s NBN XL Boost that also provides unlimited data for only $54.90 a month. The great thing about this plan is that you get to try it for 14 days for free. If you like how the plan turns out during this first couple of weeks, then you can go ahead and subscribe to the plan. Otherwise, you can always look for another one that will be able to foster your online gaming needs in terms of speed and data allocation, as well as the number of people simultaneously connecting to the internet in your household.

Final Word

The internet plans listed above are only some of the ones that you may want to consider if you are a heavy online gamer. Not only will you be able to enjoy a high-speed internet connection with these plans to foster your games, but you will most likely have all the data that you need as well. Just exert the effort to research the best provider before you commit to subscribing to one to ensure that the plan you will be getting will be able to suit your gaming requirements.

A writer and technology industry expert

Sandra Dawson
Sandra Dawson
A writer and technology industry expert

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