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What Is A Virtual Office?

A virtual office is a part of this ever growing flexible workspace industry which offers businesses with almost any combination of equipment, space and services, without the companies bearing the cost of either leasing or purchasing a traditional office building. This new type of workplace has come as a boon to many small and medium sized business owners who find themselves with a lot of running costs and a little extra room in their home or office. The best thing about the virtual office setup is that it enables businesses to use a permanent office for whatever purpose they have in mind. They are usually cheaper to set up than a normal office since there is no rent or mortgage payments to consider.

However, there are also a number of disadvantages of setting up a virtual office environment, one of them being the difference between a virtual office and a virtual receptionist. A virtual office allows you to operate from anywhere with a web connection, but it does not provide physical access to an actual office or any other employees. Since the receptionist is normally paid by the minute, the virtual receptionist can be an outsourcing service that helps businesses cut down on their overhead costs while they focus more on the specific needs of their clientele. In other words, a virtual receptionist works only for the business.

Many business address or space owners choose to set up a virtual office space because they want to keep their businesses at a certain geographical location. Some do so in order to lure customers from other companies offering the same services and products because they can offer the added convenience of having an answering machine and waiting room, while a competitor may not have these facilities. There are other business owners who want a virtual office space because they have no staff, yet they can afford a permanent office at a brick and mortar establishment. Also, there are other entrepreneurs who operate with just a few people and a limited budget. Either of these situations means that they need to find a way to advertise their company. To save money, the virtual office space is a great option.

Why does a virtual office have a distinct advantage over a home office?

A virtual office allows a business owner to have multiple virtual offices hosted on the same server. This can give the business owner access to multiple locations at a low cost. What is a virtual office also allows the business owner to maintain privacy in case clients wish to block access to their home address or phone number.

Even though there are many advantages to running a virtual office, there are also some disadvantages. One of the biggest disadvantages is that there may be times when a person’s physical address is lost. There will be times, however, when a client does not require the services of a virtual office at that particular moment. In this case, they may simply choose to speak to an employee rather than making a call to the business address. In these situations, it is often better to have an employee physically arrive at the client’s location to provide the services needed rather than having to make a telephone call.

Virtual Office Space

A virtual office space is an alternative way for a small business to set up a permanent mailing address for free, without the cost of staffing and renting an office building. As a small startup or freelancer, would you even be able to afford a virtual workspace on Broadway in New York City, with all its high-class real estate offerings? Probably not, but then again, the possibilities are pretty slim. But it doesn’t have to mean you never get a chance to work in an office, because there are ways that a virtual office space can actually be just as workable as a regular office in the real world.

Cost Savings

One of the main advantages of working in a virtual office is the cost. Because you don’t have to pay rent or pay utilities like you would if you had a physical mailing address, you can save a bundle on the overhead of operating your business. You can even save if you are a freelancer, since you won’t have to shell out for an office space. Freelancers often get by with just a one unit, and some even use just a spare room in their home or a coffee shop. Even though you will still need a phone and an Internet connection, most virtual office services offer free conference calling, voice messaging, whiteboard access and other tools so you can really get the most out of your office without paying for a full-fledged building.

Virtual office services are extremely competitive in terms of prices and that cuts down the overall costs for startups and freelancers a great deal. There are virtual office spaces in New York and throughout the country, so there is no reason to think you cannot work from anywhere. You won’t have to drive across the country to meet with potential clients. You will be able to meet them in person as well as over the phone, and that cuts down on travel expenses, which can be prohibitive for startups. There’s no need to spend a ton on lunches, coffee, and other extras, so you get more for your money when you work from home.


A lot of startups think they can’t cut costs because they aren’t a big company. But a lot of small businesses have started out as something entirely different from a giant corporation. They didn’t have millions upon millions to spend on equipment and space, so they had to do it the cheap way. But now that they are a bigger company, they are able to take advantage of virtual offices because they have one specific location where they can meet with clients, conduct meetings, conduct interviews, give presentations, and just about anything else they need to do to grow and prosper.

When you work from home, you don’t have to worry about commuting to an office building each day. When you use virtual office services, you can have your office located in any city or state, and you can have your mailing address at any address in the world. This means you can have a physical mailing address in one country and a virtual office address in another country, even if the two locations share a border.

Of course, it is a good thing to know that virtual offices are affordable. But this doesn’t mean you can’t save money while you are at it. A lot of business owners assume that their overhead will be too high to afford virtual offices, but this isn’t true. The only things you have to do to make a virtual office affordable is to find a great service that offers affordable rates, and you can call around to find a few of these companies. This will help you narrow down your choices to the best options.

Cloud Computing

Another advantage that is growing in popularity is cloud computing. Cloud computing allows you to make information available to other people on the internet, which allows entrepreneurs like you to get more done from anywhere. If you have virtual offices, you can meet up with new members of your company and discuss important issues without having to spend a lot of time in one office. This can help you get more done and be more effective.


Virtual office spaces offer a lot of advantages to entrepreneurs. You won’t need to rent office space on a regular basis, and you won’t have to deal with the hassles that come with maintaining a physical address. Some of the advantages are more time to focus on your business, better privacy, and reduced costs. Of course, many business owners prefer the privacy and flexibility that virtual offices offer.

Most small businesses who use virtual offices find that it saves them significant amounts of money. This is because instead of paying for a real brick-and-mortar building and paying the fees that go along with renting it out, they can simply rent space at a much cheaper cost than they would pay to own a physical office space. This also makes the marketing and advertising of their business much easier. It is often difficult for small businesses to get the attention of customers if they are located in a small town that lacks sufficient exposure.

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