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The Future Of Web Development

Nowadays, many business sectors and organizations are investing on web development because this sector has enormous scope for growth. Being said so, the future of web development isn’t anywhere in the darkness, because almost every business sector needs a strong web site to take its goods and services online, and web development definitely plays a vital role in this context. Companies around the world are in constant quest of professionals who could build excellent websites for their internet presence because the ideal team of web designers and web developers could blend their technical skills with creativity to craft captivating sites which would surely excite the online users. But what is the scope of web development? And what really is the value of such services?

The scope of web development includes all those applications and techniques that facilitate the management of information technology infrastructures and networks. The trends of web development have certainly progressed owing to the many innovations in programming languages, tools and frameworks.

Every web application has a different level of independence and functionality and the ease of use increases as the years pass by.

There are several technologies which form the base of all web applications such as HTML, PHP, ASP, AJAX, Java, XML, etc. These technologies are being used widely to power web sites and make them interactive. This interaction can be done through technologies like Flash, Ajax, JavaFX, Silverlight, JPN, CMS/hypertext markup language (HTML), Modal, SQL, RORM, etc.,

Some of these technologies are server-side technologies whereas some others are client-side technologies.

Web development technologies of the future would certainly support the needs of various business sectors. One such emerging technology is the Blockchain. The importance of Blockchain in the development of the future lies in its ability to bridge the gap between smart developers and businesses who require fast updating web pages. This technology supports both fast development and maintenance of the websites. Apart from development, the features of the technology to make it useful for businesses.

Social Media

The latest web development trends will also support social media. Websites are increasingly powered by social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Users prefer to use these social media websites for sharing and organizing information. Therefore, integration of Blockchain technology with the social media systems will increase the usability of the websites.

Serverless Architecture

Another latest trend for the future lies in the use of the serverless architecture by developers. Serverless architecture enables developers to create websites that use the server as a whole instead of the traditional server hosting mechanism. The major advantage of this architecture is the lower cost involved in creating the websites. In addition to that, the developers are able to scale the application up or down without any significant loss of data.

The development process of the websites will be more efficient under the serverless architecture due to the increased flexibility of the application. However, the cost factor is also a major drawback for these types of development. The applications developed using the serverless architecture requires large amounts of resources to run. Hence, it results in a decrease in the capability of these types of websites. However, the increasing demand for these websites by the online business people means that there will be an increase in the demand of this type of web development companies.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are both the future of web development. These technologies have revolutionised the way people interact, work, and move around the world. Furthermore, the rise of smartphones and the internet has only increased the possibilities of these technologies further. Today’s web developers need not know a thing about programming in order to create a website. With the use of a smart phone or tablet, anyone with an internet connection can take full advantage of a website and make it work.

As the years progress, one can expect that artificial intelligence will play a larger role in the future of web development than it does today. AI can help humans by helping them think. Machines can also help us with tasks that previously seemed overwhelming such as decision making, speech recognition, language translation, online shopping, managing inventory, weather prediction, and much more. In addition, artificial intelligence can also improve productivity, improve website performance, and provide customer service.

Integration of frameworks

Another trend developing in the future of web development is the integration of frameworks. These frameworks help developers quickly develop new websites with the minimum amount of effort. Many of the top companies have already begun integrating frameworks such as Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Baidu, Facebook, and more. The outcome is a rapid development that brings exciting solutions to businesses on an immediate basis.


The last one of the trends discussed in this article is definitely interesting. This includes a focus on APIs. An API is a method defined by an organisation that enables developers and systems to share information. The following are some of the trends from last year that are likely to grow and develop even more in the future:

The above are the top trends from the web development future. However, there are many other trends that can be expected to grow and develop in the future. The key is to understand the current trends and how they will impact your organisation. By doing so, you will be able to properly plan for the future.

Increase in diversification of consumer devices

In the last years we’ve seen an explosion in the diversity of consumer devices — smart watches, smart glasses, smart speakers, smart TVs, foldable smartphones, etc. — in this age of IoT (internet of things), we are hardly surprised when a new ‘thing’ puts the “smart” hat on and joins the club.

What does it all mean for us as web developers?

A greater diversity of devices means a greater diversity of platforms and of types and shapes of inputs and outputs. Long gone are the days of a single web app (or website) for a limited range of devices, all of them equipped with a square and large screen and a web browser.

If our aim is to get the maximum usage for our web apps, we must plan ahead and make them available to a large and unpredictable range of devices. That means, building them in such a way that would enable us to customize them easily to any existing device but also, to be prepared for the next new thing

Web development is too expensive in 2021

Software developers are expensive. Good developers are in shortage, and the demand for them keeps rising. It is predicted that by 2026, more than 253,000 new software developer roles will be created in the US alone. That means more money spent on highly expensive labor.

So far, the market has reacted with a few limited actions. We have seen the rise of drag-n-drop-low-code kinds of platforms that are geared toward low-skilled programmers or implementers. Google App Maker, Microsoft Power Apps, and web design platforms like Wix are just a few examples.

A rough estimate of the total cost based on the type of site: A simple site for small business: Around $3,000Conversion-focused business site: $3,000 to $6,000Ecommerce site: $6000 to $15,000.

It seems obvious that these platforms, as good as they are, are far from being a complete solution to the problem as they are too limited to be widely used. If the current trends won’t change we will not only have a problem with expensive software but we may also see bad code written by unqualified developers for what would turn out to be bad software

Website Development Cost

The amount of web development expenditure mostly depends upon the complexity of the work involved, and also on the extent of modification required by the client. For instance, if the web development project involves some database changes and updates, then additional costs will also arise. A simple website structure is more expensive than a complex one because it requires less modifications and updates. However, if the website is of high quality, then the web development agency can charge more.

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