SunRamp accelerator program selects second cohort commencing in Q1, 2022.


Supporting home-grown entrepreneurs working on innovative and tech-based solutions to address global health challenges, the SunRamp Health Technology Accelerator Program is a 13-week program that provides education, training and support to accelerate health technology businesses. It empowers companies to secure new deals, build revenue and scale the business in national and international markets. 

Supported by the Sunshine Coast Council and Advance Queensland through the Queensland State Government’s Department of State Development, Tourism and Innovation, the SunRamp Program is designed to boost the growth of later stage startups who are ready to scale up with technology products targeting solutions for the health and wellbeing sectors. 

SunRamp is partly modelled after a number of successful accelerator programs based out of Boulder Colorado – which has the US’s highest concentration of startups per capita. Having access to world class mentors from around the globe via SunRamp’s connections in the United States, the program builds upon experience gained from previous innovation programs with proven track records in Australia, the UK and the United States. 

Mayor Mark Jamieson said following the success of the first cohort, the Sunshine Coast-based SunRamp program would continue to attract and accelerate Queensland businesses to provide digital and technological solutions and to improve health and wellbeing outcomes for our region. 

“We are very pleased to see this program deliver great results and continue to provide opportunities and benefits for our local businesses,” Mayor Jamieson said. 

“The positive feedback received from the first group to participants is a testament to the value of this program and we look forward to contributing to the opportunities that now lie ahead for the second group of participants. 

“The SunRamp Health Technology Accelerator Program is consistent with our goals in the Sunshine Coast Regional Economic Development Strategy which aims to foster innovation in our high-value industries – of which health and wellbeing is a leader – and continue to grow our region’s innovation ecosystem.” 

SunRamp’s first program kicked off in June this year, with 7 companies selected for the first Cohort. With intensive business development workshops, business coaching and mentoring being core components of the program, the 13-week program empowered founders to secure new deals, generate diverse income 

streams and scale their business into national and international markets. Bradley Chesham, a Cohort 1 participant and Founder of Bundle of Rays commented “the SunRamp team have been very human about the process and have nurtured us in what we are trying to achieve which was extremely valuable.” 

Founder and Executive Director, Ron Hill, is no stranger to digital innovation, having started a number of

his own successful startups in the US. Mr Hill said: ‘It’s exciting to bring such a well-supported and connected accelerator program to the Sunshine Coast to be part of the fantastic vision Sunshine Coast Council has for the region.’ Colin Graham, previously the Founding CEO of the Innovation Centre, has joined the SunRamp team as Program Manager focusing on the business development program, he commented: ‘In the last 5 years, the Sunshine Coast has had huge growth in its health assets, including the Sunshine Coast University Hospital and USC’s Thompson’s Institute, and there are real opportunities to grow more world class healthtech businesses in the region.’ 

SunRamp is now ramping up to commence it’s second round intake with applications now being finalised for the 2022 program. “After such business growth and market success from Cohort 1, we are very excited to see what opportunities lay in store for Cohort 2.” said Mr Hill. The following 5 Queensland-based companies will commence the intensive program in February 2022: 

● WellBe – A measurement and engagement tool that provides a holistic, evidence-based measurement and a classroom check-in to help understand and regulate student behaviour. 

● Medmin – Clinical Data Analysis and Documentation company that specialises record management to optimise the greatest financial returns. 

● Massage and Wellbeing – Offering a wellbeing marketplace connecting consumers with top line and alternative health care providers across a global customer base. 

● PyschHelp – A telehealth psychology company, combining evidence-based therapies that connect those most in need to high end psychologists in a safe and secure online environment. 

● Cogniom – providing real-time continuous improvement analysis for hospital services and Medtech companies to identify the inefficiencies and process delays that have a direct impact on customer satisfaction and revenues.

Matthew Giannelis

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