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Positive interim results in HeraCARE paid pilot at Joondalup Health Campus


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HeraCARE ‘maternity connected care’ pilot is progressing successfully ahead of schedule.

HeraMED, a medical data and technology company leading the digital transformation of maternity care, has shared an update about the paid pilot of its HeraCARE solution involving 100 expectant mothers where over 80 have already been successfully enrolled to the pilot and are receiving ongoing remote antenatal care services.

The pilot is defined as an initial phase of an anticipated commercial roll-out for use as a standard service, offered to the majority of pregnant mothers under Joondalup Health Campus (JHC) in Perth WA, part of Ramsay Health Care, who are clinically appropriate.

Interim results show:

  • 96% of the expectant mothers have been onboarded and are using the technology.
  • 94% (4.7 out of 5) – Overall patient experience score for the HeraCARE solution.
  • 93% of the patients answered that they would “Highly recommend a friend to use HeraCARE”.
  • 94% of the patients answered they are “enjoying taking their measurements remotely”.
  • 94% of patients answered that they “feel well supported by their care team while using the solution”.
  • Over 83% of them have performed the wide variety of measurements the platform offers on a regular and consecutive basis (foetal heart-rate monitoring, blood pressure, mood tracking, educational content).

JHC’s OB department has been using the integrated HeraCARE telehealth capabilities as their primary tools to conduct remote, telehealth consultations. Multiple consultations have already been performed utilising all of the HeraCARE advanced features.  

This milestone represents another important step towards the anticipated commercial roll-out of HeraMED’s technology as a standard service to be offered to all pregnant mothers under JHC’s care. 

Since the pilot was launched in mid-August, HeraMED’s team, including a dedicated local project manager has been working in close cooperation with JHC’s obstetrics department leading the pilot, to ensure the HeraCARE platform is fully integrated with the existing workflows and clinical pathways.

Parties have been focused on configuring and optimising the platform to accommodate JHC’s requirements, as well as providing training to the project’s staff. The paid pilot represents the last stage of the collaboration in which JHC is undertaking to incorporate the HeraCARE platform to introduce an innovative model for remote monitoring and care management for pregnant women, allowing for the HeraBEAT device and foetal heart rate data to be used in telehealth consultations. 

Last year, HeraMED announced outstanding results from a clinical study undertaken by JHC that delivered clinical and functional validation of the HeraBEAT device. The accuracy of the HeraBEAT device was found to be excellent when compared to the industry gold standard CTG (Phillips Avalon) machine. The Foetal Heart Rate (FHR) was detected on 100% of occasions by clinicians, and importantly, the FHR was detected on 100% of occasions by the expectant mothers when using the device without assistance.

HeraMED CEO and Cofounder Mr. David Groberman said: “As part of Australia’s largest private hospital operator, Ramsay Health Care Group, JHC are well regarded as early adopters of new technologies in obstetrics. I am proud to see the paid pilot is progressing very well, showing positive results and excellent adherence statistics. This is another strong validation of our platform’s efficiency, ease of use, and seamless integration.  We believe the pilot is approaching the final stages, and we are looking forward to strengthening our collaboration with JHC in order to be able to offer the innovative service to their entire audience of pregnant mothers.”

JHC head of Obstetrics and Gynecology Dr. Cliff Neppe said: “We are delighted to be progressing our collaboration with HeraMED and with this innovative pilot. The halfway positive results, as well as the data assets foundation that we are building, show great potential for us. It is our plan to soon incorporate the platform into our remote monitoring and care management programs for pregnant women.

“We strive to become a leader in WA and Australia in providing cutting-edge technology and excellent patient-facing services which put the expecting mothers in the centre and deliver enhanced care based on data with the most relevant and accurate information. At JHC, we are continually evaluating and adopting new technology that will improve patient care, and this pilot is a demonstration of that strategy at work.”

Secondary editor and executive officer at Tech Business News. Contracting as an IT support engineer for 20 years Matthew has a passion for sharing his knowledge of the technology industry. He's also an advocate for global cyber security matters.

Matthew Giannelis
Matthew Giannelis
Secondary editor and executive officer at Tech Business News. Contracting as an IT support engineer for 20 years Matthew has a passion for sharing his knowledge of the technology industry. He's also an advocate for global cyber security matters.

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