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MiOK supporting an army of volunteers.

The Salvation Army is proud to partner with Australian technology business DB Results and take up the wellbeing mobile application MiOK, to support its army of volunteers.

“Our volunteers frequently put the welfare of others before their own.  We want to remind them that their own wellbeing is as important and give what support we can. MiOK provides that easy to access channel for wellbeing resources on a private and secure platform,” said Penny Aquino, General Manager – Volunteer Resources at The Salvation Army.

“MiOK has been made available to emergency teams who attend natural disasters such as floods and fires, as well as volunteers helping community members affected by the pandemic and those normally operating at retail level now in lockdown”.

The Salvation Army volunteers have been, and continue to be, vital in providing support for thousands of vulnerable members of our community. This includes supporting families affected by domestic violence, providing aged care services, and offering aid to the homeless. “The need for organisations to think outside the square to support staff during this time of crisis is critical,” explained Candy D’Menzie, Chief Philanthropy and Clinical Adviser at global digital business DB Results

“As a digital technology company with health expertise, employing health experts and clinicians like myself, we created the MiOK app, to be always at hand for people working on the frontline or affected by these trying times,” D’Menzie said.

The MiOK customisable application enables individuals to regularly check-in on a private and secure platform and ask the question ‘Am I OK’?  MiOK integrates tracking of emotional wellbeing along with health and wellness factors like physical activity, healthy eating, and sleep, as recommended by mental health experts. It also alerts the user when it’s time to seek outside help.

“The Salvation Army recognised MiOK as a suitable avenue to provide extra support to its volunteers working from home and on the frontline, and by taking it up demonstrates that they really do care for their people,” said D’Menzie. “We understand that organisations with frontline staff are doing it extra hard. Not only providing ongoing care for the people they serve, but under harsh rapidly changing COVID-19 conditions.

We know that many organisations would like to do more to support their people but may not have the means at their disposal. That’s why we developed MiOK – to enable organisations to support staff from afar. MiOK is available to commercial organisations for a modest fee and to NFP organisations like the Salvation Army at no cost”.

Matthew Giannelis

Secondary editor and executive officer at Tech Business News. Contracting as an IT support engineer for 20 years Matthew has a passion for sharing his knowledge of the technology industry.

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