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Microsoft announced new data management partner Experian

Microsoft has announced a new data management partner, Experian. Microsoft has made no secret that it wants to be the one stop shop for your data. With the purchase of Aperture Data Studio in Microsoft’s cloud and Windows Server platform, Microsoft takes another step toward expanding its lead in data security and management. The purchase of the portal from Experian is yet another big move by Microsoft into the cloud computing world.

“The partnership plans support many more organisations who are looking to improve the quality of their data. This will allow them to use their data more effectively and turn it into actionable insight,” Experian explains.

According to a Microsoft blog, the company will work with Experian to provide “fraud detection, data integrity checks, and service for Office, Outlook, Sharepoint, and other Microsoft Windows environment applications.” Experian is also one of the three major credit reporting agencies. This partnership between Microsoft and Experian is designed to improve the quality of the data Microsoft data on users as well as making the data more accessible and easier to protect. It also brings Microsoft one step closer to becoming one of the major players in the data loss prevention market.

About Experian

Experian, being a global company, offers a wide range of services to its clients besides the credit monitoring. One of the many advantages of having a credit-monitoring service from Experian is that the company has access to credit-reporting databases of financial institutions and companies that allow them to offer additional services to their clients. Some of these additional services offered by Experian include fraud alerts, the management and prevention of personal identity theft and the collection and disposition of EINs of U.S. citizens who have permanent resident status in the country. Other services may also be available for a fee or may be offered for free by the company. The company has 17,000 employees spanning 44 countries world wide and listed on the London Stock Exchange.

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