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Managed Services Trends On The Rise Or Do MSPs Scale Back?

MSPs (Managed Service Provider) were among the first adopters of the “age of outsourced” services concept that became popular during the second half of the last decade. While the global economy remained stagnant or declined at best during this period, many MSPs took advantage of the technology that was available to them in order to offer their clients access to professional advice at affordable prices. Many of these companies even survived through the worst economic recession since the Great Depression, and some even prospered through the housing crisis, further proving the resilience of the managed services market.

But, is there any Managed Services Trends currently on the rise? The answer is a resounding yes! One of the primary reasons why many MSPs remained competitive during the second half of the decade is because they were good partners to their local clients in offering both IT and call center support solutions, as well as developing new technologies. Now, as the global economy becomes more volatile, many MSPs have scaled back their IT investments in order to focus on other aspects of their businesses while simultaneously ensuring that their clients remain fully informed and productive. Many of these companies continue to emphasise their core competencies while simultaneously providing additional technological innovation and guidance on topics like cloud computing and social media, two of the fastest-growing segments in the IT and call center markets.

While there are no real trends or predictions, one area that has likely not diminished is the MSP’s use of IT manpower, especially in call centers and data centers. The MSP industry is now largely composed of skilled IT professionals, who are now obtaining employment at the multinational level. This trend is likely to continue, given the fact that the economic downturn has created a skills shortage worldwide. This reality has created an opening for MSPs to expand into new markets by deploying the most effective methods for tapping into talent and capital. In addition, increased competition between MSPs has also forced them to adopt more innovative strategies.

3 Managed Services (MSP) Trends 2021

Trend 1: Cloud Services

Cloud Services is becoming more popular and thus becomes the wave of the future. With this popularity comes a lot of competition within the industry. What makes things so exciting about cloud services? Many companies, like myself, have been able to leverage on the power of cloud computing to not only increase productivity but save companies money in many ways. Cloud services offer so many options and even though most people think of Amazon when it comes to these services, Google and others have been building out their own clouds for quite some time now. The key to becoming more popular is to not only leverage off of the success of others, but to continue to develop our own services so that we can stay ahead of the curve.

A good MSP can help you make sure that you are paying less for cloud services or other resources than you would normally. For instance, if you’ve stored data on the cloud for a while but do not touch it very often, your MSP may recommend that you move it to off-site storage to save on money. This is perfect for companies that need to maintain data around but do not want to constantly interact with it.

Another way in which the cloud services market is growing is because there are MSPs offering better tools for managing infrastructure. An MSP such as Microsoft can help provide you with better tools for managing your data and your infrastructure more efficiently, which will ultimately lead to better profit margins and a faster time to market for your company. This allows companies that may not otherwise have had the time or knowledge to properly manage their data to become more competitive in the business world.

Trend 2: Cybersecurity MSP

There are several threats to business computers that businesses need to address today, and one of the solutions for this is a Cybersecurity MSP. A Cybersecurity MSP, unlike a typical computer repair service, offers a team of specialised business-related services. That means a Cybersecurity MSP isn’t just a computer specialist, but rather an IT partner dedicated to the needs of your business. Consider them your IT help team.

And these specialised IT support services can come to your company in a variety of ways. For instance, there are systems that are designed for the protection of an entire network, complete with firewalls and intrusion detection equipment. There are also systems that will scan your entire server and look for any malware or other threats. Or there are systems that will install and configure a fully-redundant firewall so your system is more protected from any hackers. In addition, there are systems that can help protect your company’s intellectual property such as confidential information and business processes by providing a layer of security around them. In this way, your company can enjoy complete protection against hackers while still keeping your systems protected at the same time.

A Cybersecurity MSP can work for small or large companies, especially because they work on the same wavelength as your security team. The MSP works with your security team to identify the threats to your company and develop a plan of action to stop them. They can also make recommendations about how you can improve the security of your company, so that you are as protected as you should be. This way, you will be able to work closely with your MSP to address your threats as quickly as possible.

Trend 3: Internet of Things

Internet of things (IoT) can be anything from something as simple as a band that manages your house’s temperature, garage space, climate, lighting and security system all the way up to a complex system that will turn your household appliances and cabinets into intelligent, smart electronic things. One great example of an internet of things’ concept is MSP, which stands for multi-services personalised service provider. The MSP concept takes concepts like temperature control and energy management and combines it with technology to create an entire home automation network complete with touch screens, wireless door locks and lights, thermostats, water and oil alarms, digital control panels, and more. The company was founded by Mike Wright, who developed the concept while he was working as an IT consultant for a company in Colorado.

In the last few years the MSP company has gone through several trends that have made them one of the fastest growing businesses in the security and internet services space. In fact, recent earnings have shown an increase in revenues as the MSP services become more popular. This rise in popularity is due in part to the fact that the Internet of things allows for far more customisation than with other more traditional systems like software or hardwired security measures.

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