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New partnership to leverage Machine Learning to understand black holes and warped spacetime

Australian owned data science company Eliiza today announced the launch of a new business unit, Eliiza Research, a partnership with OzGrav (Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Gravitational Wave Discovery) aimed at enhancing Australia’s capabilities in machine learning and artificial intelligence associated with gravitational-wave astronomy.

This partnership will look to capitalise on the historic first detections of gravitational waves to understand the extreme physics of black holes and warped spacetime. It will inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers in this area while also giving the talent at Eliiza the ability to apply their skills to this area of research.

The partnership was formed following an initial piece of research undertaken on Noise Characterisation, where Eliiza’s data-science team developed a multi-label sound classifier that was able to accurately identify various anthropogenic, animal, and natural noise sources. The aim was to understand and improve detector characterisation data quality, and therefore reduce low-latency false alarms through accurate signal and glitch estimation. Eliiza Research’s first task will be to deliver a technical document and presentation showing the proof-of-principle that this noise characterisation method can be successfully applied to LIGO/Virgo data (gravitational wave and black hole data).

Eliiza CEO James WIlson will also join the OzGrav Research translation Committee, and will provide industry mentors for the OzGrav mentorship program.

Wilson said: “This partnership provides a platform for our team to work on ground breaking research, away from the corporate projects that they embed themselves in for months. This provides a great balance to their work, whilst also helping to develop future talent from within the research community and highlighting the pathways that are available in the industry. Personally, I am excited to provide industry insights back into the OzGrav Research Committee.”

This is the tip of the iceberg for potential ECR development opportunities, which includes the potential for hybrid PhD programs that incorporate industry internships, as well as post-PhD career opportunities for data scientists, astrophysicists, and instrumentalists alike. 

Associate Professor Paul Lasky, Monash University and OzGrav Chief Investigator, said: “The advanced techniques developed in the initial research have the potential to lead to new cross-disciplinary applications in communications and engineering, contribute to Australia’s science and research priorities, and bring economic value to broader information and communication industries in Australia. We are thrilled to be working alongside Eliiza to leverage their knowledge of Machine Learning and industry while supporting their team’s learning and development.”

Lead Data Scientist at Eliiza, Kathryn Collier, said: “To work alongside  the next generation of technologists across so many institutions via OzGrav is exciting. I am looking forward to building relationships with the next crop of data scientists, and bridging the academia and corporate gap, especially for women and gender minority groups.”

In addition to research collaboration, Eliiza will provide OzGrav researchers with coaching. mentoring and networking to assist with a career path for corporate work in the future.

Eliiza is part of Mantel Group, an IT consultancy made up of seven brands specialising in various areas of technology and design solutions. Mantel Group has developed in-house training and development programs and career pathways to fast track the careers of talented technologists. 

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