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Delta Drone Ranks Fourth In Drone Industry Insights.

Delta Drone International has ranked fourth in the Top Global  Drone Service Providers Report for 2021 by Drone Industry Insights (Droneii). 

The annual report, created by global leaders in drone market research, Droneii, analyses 400  of the world’s top drone service providers over a 12-month period and ranks them using  company size, market share, development, and public attention as key metrics. 

Delta Drone International commenced operations on 1 January 2021, making this year the  only year the Company has been eligible for the report. However, Delta Drone International’s  mining specialist brand, Rocketmine has featured three times since the report’s inception in  2018. 

Delta Drone International CEO, Christopher Clark said: “To rank fourth in the Droneii Top Drone  Service Providers for 2021 Report after less than a year of operations, under our new merged  structure, is a great achievement for the Delta Drone International team. 

“Our business model was designed to address the growing customer need of frequent, high quality & accurate drone data. Each of our brands are specialists in their industries, with every  Rocketmine team member, drone and software platform chosen specifically for their  experience and capabilities of a mining site. Similarly, our RocketFarm team are one of, if not  the best UAV agriculture specialists in the world. Having these specialist brands is why our  enterprise customers come to us for their aerial data requirement and stay with us long-term.” 

Droneii researcher, Lukas Schroth said: “It takes time to be established enough to become  competitive in all ranking categories, and Rocketmine’s success was a great precursor for what  Delta Drone International has achieved in less than 12 months since its inception. 

“We were thoroughly impressed with what Delta Drone International has been able to achieve  in such a small amount of time and believe their fourth spot ranking alongside some of the  world’s leading drone companies is well deserved.  

“We look forward to seeing what they do next.”  

Matthew Giannelis

Secondary editor and executive officer at Tech Business News. Contracting as an IT support engineer for 20 years Matthew has a passion for sharing his knowledge of the technology industry.

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