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Curtin & Amazon Web Services collaborate to transform digital experiences

Curtin University is partnering with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to create a new digital platform that will enable the transformation of digital experiences for students and staff.

As part of a multi-year strategic agreement, by the end of 2022, Curtin will move the vast majority of its IT systems and data to a digital platform hosted on AWS. This will enable automated IT management, provide new digital services for innovation projects, and enable data-driven decisions through the University’s services, while reducing infrastructure costs.

Previously, Curtin had a traditional IT architecture approach, which incorporated multiple data centres, resulting in fragmented IT systems, application islands and data silos that made it difficult for the University to innovate and create new experiences or services for students, researchers and personal. This collaboration with AWS will provide the technology foundation to enable future innovation.

As part of the collaboration, Curtin launched an AWS Skills Guild, called ElevateU, the first in the public sector in Australia and New Zealand. AWS Skills Guild will equip more than 200 employees with the skills to accelerate the move to the cloud and deliver new campus experiences by leveraging AWS services such as data analytics and machine learning.
Curtin University Vice Chancellor Professor Harlene Hayne said the collaboration demonstrates Curtin’s commitment to continuing to improve the student and staff experience.

“This collaboration is a great example of how the University is always looking forward and adopting agile processes to build the next generation of experiences for our Curtin community,” said Professor Hayne.

Curtin’s Chief Information Officer Jason Cowie said the collaboration supports Curtin’s vision of being the most digitally innovative university in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ).
“We are moving from fragmented and isolated systems to a self-managed platform in the cloud,” said Cowie.

“Through this AWS collaboration, Curtin will be empowered to deliver heightened digital experiences for students and staff and enable better insights into how to improve campus life, enable lifelong learning and develop a future-ready workforce, ensuring the security of your data. We’ll use AWS’ unrivaled bundle of digital resources ​​to enhance everyday teaching, learning, research, and operations experiences ”

AWS Australia and New Zealand Managing Director for Public Sector Worldwide, Iain Rouse, said AWS supports higher education institutions like Curtin University across Australia and New Zealand to improve security, reduce costs, analyze data and provide access equitable teaching and learning resources.

“Cloud technology is helping Curtin University transform course offerings, and the university is working with AWS to build an agile technology foundation to optimize student outcomes and improve the staff experience,” said Mr. Rouse.

“By moving its entire infrastructure to the cloud, Western Australia’s largest university can deliver new projects and campus experiences on a large scale to support its vision of becoming a recognized global leader in research, education and engagement.”

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Secondary editor and executive officer at Tech Business News. Contracting as an IT support engineer for 20 years Matthew has a passion for sharing his knowledge of the technology industry.

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