.Au Domain Names Affected By New auDA Licencing Rules.

Last April the auDA annouced a new set of rules affecting the .au “Top Level Domain” name space and many domain name registrants still may not be aware.

Recently domain name registrants were given 30 days to correct registration details pending a registry suspension. This was due to prohibited practices including leasing or renting out root or sub-domains to third parties and incorrect WHOIS information. Generally, .au domain names are leased out to entities outside Australia who are not eligible to register an .au domain name due to the fact these companies are not able to obtain an ABN number.

All .au domain names are required to be registerd as either a soul trader or company listed ABN. A reason this legislation was originally put into place was to stop entities outside of Australia posing as a legitimate Australian Business while trading online within the .au name space.

The new rules clearly state domain names must not be leased out to third parties. This is to also to enure data reflected in the WHOIS database represents the true identify of the .au ccTLD domain name holder.

Domain name industry insider reports indicate domain names not complying with correct and updated WHOIS information were scrambling to find a way to become compliant before they were put into suspension while not exceeding the 30 day rectification time limit.

Domain names registered before 12 April 2021, are subject to legacy published poilces. Registrations after this period are subject to the new rules. Also, if the name is renewed the auDA Rules will apply to it.

Although the annoucement of the new rules were published on the auDA website, the Australian domain name after market business, Domainer reported these rules were to be postponed until May.

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