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How Neon Signs Can Help Your Storefront Attract More Business

For anyone with a business, you should know how crucial it is to have a market. When the business is small, you need to have signs that show potential clients where to find you. And in the 90s, neon lights were the in-thing when it came to signs. It is safe to say that the idea certainly hasn’t gone down since, and it still is a great idea. You can find them at motels, computer stores, business supplies, and plenty of other places.

But how can they help you attract more business to your storefront?

Allow Creativity

One thing you get when you purchase neon light signs by Neolite, is a thoughtful, creative product that you will enjoy for years to come. So you can be as creative as you like when you are ordering yours, because you will end up using the sign as a way to advertise your business. Unlike other signs, neon sign boards are even easy to incorporate your brand logo on them. You can also unleash all creativity you want on the sign with the neon sign boards. Besides, you
also won’t need to spend a fortune to design and install a neon sign board on your storefront.

Center of Attraction

Neon sign boards will also attract more business to your storefront as they are hard to miss. For example, you’ll be driving on the highway, and you see one that shows you there’s a motel there. No potential client can miss the signboard of a neon sign board. You can also make your stand out even more by having bright colours on the sign. It can also be coupled with your brand logo – this will certainly stand out even more where other businesses are in the same mould. With a signboard that stands out, you can easily attract any clients out there looking for the service you offer.


The other thing that makes neon sign boards quite attractive and can derive business your way is their longevity. Since they can last at least ten years, your business won’t need to be re- advertised. That one sign will drive business your way for years to come. This is a one-time investment that serves you for years and will also save you money. You only need to pick the right place and design it, and foot traffic will increase your way.

Shoppers Depend on Written Signs

Another thing about neon signs is that shoppers rely on displayed info before they shop. This is about 29% of shoppers rely on written signs to decide before they shop for anything. This is quite huge considering the number of people that walk streets per day. Another research stated that around 68% of shoppers bought something because a neon sign caught their attention. Again, these are extraordinary numbers that you can tap into.

Neon Signs can Help Your Storefront Attract More Business

Neon signs are a great way to drive business your way because they capture the attention of customers. These are some of the top reasons neon signs can help you attract more business to your storefront. And since they are durable, they are well worth the investment.

Neon Lighting Technology (Conclusion)

In comparison of other technologies such as LED, neon signs are of course less expensive. It’s not true that neon signs are only for the advertising industry though.


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