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Fake Microsoft Support Scams

There are many fake Microsoft support websites on the internet that offer services to people who need help with Microsoft products. You may fall for one of these scams and end up losing money and time. In this article you will learn about how to avoid Microsoft support scams in India. Microsoft provides support for different versions of Windows and hence the company has got its name for that. However, it does not mean that all the support services offered by Microsoft are free.

One of the many things that you should watch out for is a Microsoft support scam where the website operator asks you to pay for a support package or service before you actually avail of any help. The first step that you should take is to make sure that the website operators do not operate from India. It is a known fact that scams that are found on the internet usually operate from offshore locations such as India.

It is very easy to identify websites offering this type of support. Their website will be either registered in India or have their address printed on the web page. You should also be able to reach them by phone. If you are unable to reach them by phone then they most probably operate from applications such as WhatsApp.

There are several other things that you should watch out for when dealing with these scams. Most of these services ask you to download and install their software before you can avail of their support services. This is a big red flag. If the website operator asks you to download and install software before providing support then that is a sure sign that they are running a scam. Such companies are not real. If you do not have to pay anything then there is no point in getting the support.

Another thing that you should look out for is a company that requires you to make payments before you can gain access to their support services. There are some websites that require you to make payments just to be able to get an email address and then you are supposed to enter your credit card information. In some cases you might even be asked to make a payment before you can gain access to the online help. Such scams are very common and should be avoided.

Some of these websites might even have a fake email address that is used by the support service. This is the main reason why people do not get legitimate help from these types of sites. They think that since the website looks so professional and reliable then it must be genuine. It is very important to check whether the email address is legitimate or not.

The next step is for you to research about the company and see if there are any comments, reviews or complaints posted about it in different forums. If there are many negative comments then there is definitely something wrong with that particular support service. You should never trust a company until you have heard good things about it. Always remember that negative feedbacks are not very helpful. You should look for any evidence to support their claims and then make your decision.

Finally, do not believe everything you read about a particular company online. There are no hard rules about this. Microsoft support services are only interested in bringing good faith to their customers. If they are not happy then they will simply say it so no one else will be either.

The fight against tech support scams - Microsoft On the Issues

If you see one of these messages on your windows desktop or laptop is always a scam and we recommend you contact your local computer repair company or a high reputation anti-virus software provider.

Antivirus Software Providers

  • Kaspersky Total Security.
  • Bitdefender Antivirus Plus.
  • Norton 360 Deluxe.
  • McAfee Internet Security
  • Trend Micro Maximum Security
  • ESET Smart Security Premium.
  • Sophos Home Premium.

Antivirus Software

Antivirus software, or simply antivirus software, is a powerful computer program designed to stop, detect, and eliminate malicious software. If you’re wondering what an antivirus is – it is software which checks for viruses and other harmful objects on your computer. This prevents the malicious objects from installing / doing bad things to your system. In general, you might be able to say that it’s a program that protects your computer against viruses.

This software works by scanning your PC, identifying viruses, and then letting you know so you can block or remove them. It works on all versions of Microsoft windows with Internet Explorer is its primary target (though other browsers may also be affected). Some of the common symptoms which show that your computer is infected include the likes of screen freezing, computer slow response speed, and a large number of popup messages that appear at seemingly random times.

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