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The Australian Technology Industry.

The Australian Technology Industry is a leader in innovative technologies that contribute to the economic growth and cultural diversity of

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Melbourne Airport spent $45m in third-runway upgrade

Melbourne Airport spent more than $45 million buying land around its border as part of preparations for a new runway

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Australian I.T Professionals

With Australia becoming one of the key players in international cyber security, there is a growing demand for skilled and

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Digital Health Technology

Technological advances like artificial intelligent robots, robotics, big data, virtual reality, social computing and geospatial computing have made their way

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Chinese rocket debris expected to crash on to Earth this weekend

Debris from a Chinese rocket is expected to fall back to Earth in an uncontrolled re-entry this weekend. It is

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IBM 2nm chip breakthrough claims more power with less energy

IBM says it has made a significant breakthrough in computer processors by creating a 2nm chip in its test lab.

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Explore how we live, fight and play in space

November 2 marks 20 years since the first residents arrived on the International Space Station (ISS). The orbiting habitat has been continuously

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Middle classes losing out to ultra-rich

Some say that "The Middle Class is losing out to the rich." This seems to be a popular comment on

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Does drinking milk make stronger bones?

For generations, we’ve been told milk helps build strong bones. But does science back this up?How many of us were

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