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“We Are Social” Report highlights last year’s social media boom

Keep your spirits high during COVID-19

Co-founder Melanie Baker of luxury beverages distributor Essence of Harrogate shares the realities of ‘Keeping up with Covid” with an Australian business and why the digital space is helping with a positive change for consumers.

“It’s a tough world out there right now, one minute there is momentum going, next the warning signs start flashing with Covid lockdowns and doors being closed, quite literally. “For us, the only part of this pandemic staying consistent is e-commerce, the digital world.”

With the release of the We Are Social Digital Report 2021 highlighting last year’s social media boom by the billions, Mel said it showed just how much people don’t want to be left out and ‘that’s really positive thing’.

“The report revealed social media users grew at the fastest rate in 3 years to 4.20 billion, that’s a huge number of people reaching out to be part of a digital world that they were otherwise not engaged in. This presents retailers with an even bigger market to share showcase their product to and give consumers a positive experience in their homes – to feel connected.”

The Victorian based business owner who imports notable products such as Slingsby Gin discussed the value of shops coming to the consumer through apps.

“Even more so with recent news of Facebook announcing it will launch shops on WhatsApp, this all promotes bringing global products locally without worrying about catching covid if you go out. “People need to be able to feel connected and these digital advances shine a positive light on how retailers can give even more consumers what they want, in some cases within hours.”

Co-founder Melanie Baker

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