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10 Eco-friendly Devices and Technologies You Should Start Using Today

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Due to increasing global warming, pollution, and energy prices, consumers are opting for more eco-friendly products and solutions for their everyday lives. Thanks to technology, consumers now have more options for eco-friendly products. These products not only help save the environment but also help people save on costs. From upgraded household products to new innovations, here’s a list of eco-friendly devices and technologies that you should start using today.

1. Smart Power Strip

Eco-friendly devices like smart power strips help households conserve energy and save more on energy costs. These products look similar to the traditional power strips, but they can detect if the gadgets or appliances plugged in are on standby. Unfortunately, appliances and gadgets still consume electricity even when they are turned off, so that adds to your overall energy use. Smart power strips turn off these appliances, so you don’t waste energy. Some smart power strips can also be controlled via smartphone for better automation and convenience.

2. Electric Mobility Devices

One eco-friendly technology that has been gaining popularity is electric vehicles, specifically personal mobility devices. These devices include electric bikes, electric skateboards, hoverboards, and electric scooters, among others. Since these transport devices don’t emit any harmful gases, they help reduce the carbon emissions from road transportation. After all, if car riders switch to electric mobility devices, then there would be fewer cars on the road and less harmful gases in the atmosphere. Moreover, these devices are efficient, portable, and convenient, making them good commuter transport options. Because of these benefits, electric bikes might be the future of transportation.

3. Self-cleaning Water Bottle

A self-cleaning water bottle may be something that you think you might not need. However, it’s a good eco-friendly product to have, especially when travelling. For one, you don’t need to use disposable water bottles, so you help reduce litter. However, one downside to reusable water bottles is that it’s prone to accumulating bacteria and residue. Washing it may be inconvenient when travelling, and using dishwashing soap to clean it also counts as pollutants in the ocean. With a self-cleaning water bottle, these concerns are resolved. These bottles use UV-C light to kill bacteria and other microorganisms, sterilising the whole bottle.

4. Solar Watch

Although watches tend to last longer and use small batteries, they still contribute to waste when discarded. Solar watches prolong the life of a watch since it runs on solar power. Some solar watches only need a few hours of sun for it to run the whole year. Many watch brands like Seiko have come out with solar watches to improve their environmental impact.

5. Solar Charger

Portable power banks have become a convenient means of charging your gadgets when travelling or on the go. However, some chargers have incorporated solar power technology to make them eco-friendly. Aside from its environmental impact, the best thing about solar chargers is that you can charge anywhere as long as there’s sunlight. These devices also last longer, making them cost-effective.

6. LED and CFL Lights

LED (light-emitting diode) and CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) light bulbs are a must in any home. Compared to regular light bulbs, these types of light bulbs use less energy and last longer, resulting in better cost savings. Overall, these tiny lights will help contribute to reducing the greenhouse gases that households produce through energy consumption. It’s one of the best products with eco-friendly technology for homes.

7. Solar Water Heater

Another solar-powered product that has become popular in homes is the solar water heater. Unlike the traditional water heaters, solar heaters not only use solar power energy but also boost their efficiency rate and lifespan. It’s also said that solar water heaters can reduce energy consumption by up to 70 per cent, helping households save more.

8. Nest Learning Thermostat

The Nest Learning Thermostat is a circular and futuristic-looking thermostat that automatically learns your schedule and preferred temperatures. After learning your lifestyle, it will automatically turn the temperature up or down depending on your lifestyle. It also turns down usage when nobody is at home. It’s one of the best eco gadgets for the home, especially for those who use thermostats frequently.

9. Vertical Farming

Vertical farming may not be a device or gadget, but it’s an innovative technology that has upgraded farming. Thanks to vertical farming, households living in small spaces, such as apartments, can plant their own gardens or vegetables in the garden. After all, it doesn’t occupy much space, making it perfect for small balconies or window sills. In polluted cities, encouraging vertical gardens will help contribute more oxygen to the atmosphere. Overall, it’s a natural way to clean the air. 

10. Rainwater Tank

A rainwater tank collects and stores rainwater, which can be used to water gardens, clean the backyard, wash the car, and do other cleaning chores. This is also not a tech-savvy device, but it’s a simple innovation that will help households conserve water. Rainwater tanks are huge tanks connected to the roof via a pipe, which collects rainwater straight to the tanks. Overall, it’s a simple solution to conserving water in households.

These are just some of the countless eco-friendly technologies that you can start using today. All of these products will help reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere and, hopefully, less waste in the future. Using these products you can help save the environment in your own simple way. No need for expensive or bulky solar panels, because these products can already help save the environment. 

We help bring back technology to the real world and help you be more in touch with everything around you without disrupting your daily routine.

We help bring back technology to the real world and help you be more in touch with everything around you without disrupting your daily routine.

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