Thursday, July 7, 2022

See how this Down Under
Start-up is Revolutionising AI
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Life Intelligence Group is using AI to create more than just a unique technology platform, it’s helping everyday Australians conquer their goals personally and professionally.

Not just another task manager, Life Intelligence Group’s app TaskSpur integrates products and services, multiple languages, intelligent assistance, and a rewards program that will be directly linked to crypto and blockchain. In the future, users will be able to benefit from multi-user functionality, eLearning solutions, goal templates, and an exciting eCommerce experience. There’s an impressive list of buzzwords, so let’s break down how all the magic happens!

Let’s start with the simple task manager, or so it would seem. Fundamentally, it currently helps its users to plan, track, and achieve their goals. In the very near future, TaskSpur will also  plot a course for success by using products and services recommended by its own intelligent assistant, Ari for exemplary productivity management. It doesn’t just stop there, the AI will understand users’ behavior and know when best to check in, offer solutions or even support.

Now you’re asking yourself “That sounds a little farfetched…” until you see it in action. For example, you’ve set a goal to achieve a better fitness level but continually seem to be missing it. Ari will be able to search the marketplace for a supplier who will be a perfect fit for you along your journey and display personalized recommendations. Similarly, as the marketplace grows, it may be able to find you that new computer you’re looking for or the suit you need for the weekend wedding you’re attending. 

With this birds-eye-view perspective of your current life goals and challenges, whether you’re completing college, traveling the world, managing an intense business or career, buying your first home, or planning your retirement, TaskSpur will be pivotal to your success just as much as AI is pivotal for the global future in the macro scale, perfect for the hectic modern world.

From work to personal life, health, and finance, it aims to create a balance amongst its user’s focuses, becoming their one-stop-shop for life organisation and goal management that is built on developing trust and prioritizing with simplicity. Using this data to continually improve itself, saving users time and money!

Encouraging people to think smart and reduce stress, we work to buck the trend of only 8% of people sticking to their goals after 1 month of trying to continuously achieve them.

The marketplace also creates an opportunity for product and service providers to offer their solutions directly or  indirectly through Ari straight to users, exactly when they need it.

In short, Life Intelligence Group wishes to make itself the support network for budding professionals looking to take their productivity to the next level, ambitious modern people, and those looking for a more effective way to organize all aspects of their life. As for businesses, they will be there for customers when needed most.

Life Intelligence Group’s customer-first attitude allows it to put its user’s success as the foremost priority, creating a feedback loop that allows the in-depth understanding of users’ requirements and needs for continuous improvement of the platform.. This is why they were recently awarded internationally by the Corporate Vision – Artificial Intelligence Awards for Most Innovative Artificial Intelligence Engine 2021: Ari, and Best Success Planning Solution 2021: TaskSpur.

Keep an eye on this young innovator from Down Under, making a splash in the new technology space and humanizing the way we achieve goals every day.

Bernard Boodeea
By Bernard Boodeea

The TBN team is a well establish group of technology industry professionals with backgrounds in IT Systems, Business Communications and Journalism.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
The TBN team is a well establish group of technology industry professionals with backgrounds in IT Systems, Business Communications and Journalism.

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