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Twitter Lets Users Unmention Themselves In Tweets


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Twitter finally rolls out the “unmention” feature to all device users.

Twitter has rolled out the “unmention” feature after launching a beta-test in April allowing users to unfollow notifications and leave messages. Friends in crisis can click the three dots menu next to the tweet.

The feature is a step up from muting a conversation as it removes the link to the mentioned person’s account and prevents others from mentioning them in the same conversation again.

Twitter defines “unmention” to be the ability to delete an unwelcome conversation. It links the user’s handle to the Twitter thread and removes them from future tweets. Other users won’t have the ability to reply to them in the same thread but won’t stop others from joining the conversation but it will protect the user’s replies and notifications.

The feature has been in development for over a year. Twitter first Teased The idea was first proposed last summer. It was intended to stop harassment-inducing “unwanted attention”.

The idea was first tested in April. However, it was only available to a limited number of web users. With the latest update, anyone can now remove themselves from any thread, regardless of whether they use Twitter’s app or website.

Till now, the social media platform had been testing the feature only with a small number of users. This allowed them to opt out of conversations that they don’t want to be part of. The feature is now available for everyone.

“Sometimes you want to see yourself out. Take control of your mentions and leave a conversation with Unmentioning, now rolling out to everyone on all devices,” the platform said in a tweet

“We are experimenting with Unmentioning, a way to help you protect your peace and remove yourself from conversations, available on the Web for some of you now,” it recently said

This feature can be useful if you are stuck in a toxic conversation or don’t wish to receive notifications about threads you don’t want. 

You can :

  • Unmention your username to stop receiving notifications
  • Prevent others from tagging it again.

How it works :

Unmentioning does three things:

  • Removes the link to your Twitter profile from the original tweet and all replies
  • Stops users from mentioning you again in the same conversation.
  • Stops further notifications about the conversation you were tagged in.

How to “unmention” yourself

To “unmention” yourself, select the tweet that you’re tagged in, and then tap the three dots at the top right corner of the screen. From here, choose Leave this conversation. Next, confirm your decision, and this will remove all tags.

Given how unmentioning adds a new element to Twitter, its launch isn’t something the company takes lightly.

This version is smaller than the one that was shown last year. Twitter promised greater protections against unwanted mentions including the ability to ban mentions from people you don’t follow.

It is not clear if this feature has been removed or if it will still be available at some point in the future. At the moment you can’t prevent people from mentioning your name. However, you can remove it only after an event

Meanwhile, shares of the microblogging site fell about 6 per cent in premarket trading on Monday, amid the recent walkout by Elon Musk.

Although Tesla CEO Elon Musk wants to cancel his $44 billion deal for Twitter, it isn’t stopping the platform making new changes.

The social media platform is also currently testing a method to co-author tweets exploring long-form Notes features that would appeal to users who are tired of the 280 character limit

Twitter’s latest update is a way to make it easier for users to control how they interact with others, especially during harassment situations. Twitter has also included reply-limiting Features, and has been testing a “safety mode,” This can be used to automatically ban problematic accounts.

The TBN team is a well establish group of technology industry professionals with backgrounds in IT Systems, Business Communications and Journalism.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
The TBN team is a well establish group of technology industry professionals with backgrounds in IT Systems, Business Communications and Journalism.

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