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Jellyfish Integrates Data Runs Deep In Melbourne.

Digital transformation leader adds Melbourne-based data strategy, implementation and analysis firm as part of global expansion.

Jellyfish, a digital marketing partner of leading global brands such as Samsung, Uber, Nestlé, Allianz, Spotify and eBay, has integrated Data Runs Deep, a Melbourne-based data strategy, implementation and analysis firm into their team, forming the first Jellyfish group in Australia. 

The move comes as digital transformation becomes critical for businesses to survive in a post-pandemic landscape, and as the Australian government begins a five-year commitment to identifying and investing in opportunities to upskill workers and integrate systems to fuel national digital transformation. Through the adoption of cross-agency services and common platforms, the Australian government has pledged to build a framework of connected capabilities and services, with the ultimate goal of becoming one of the world’s top digital governments by 2025. 

In adding Data Runs Deep to their global team of digital transformation experts, Jellyfish sought to add the company’s expertise in data strategy and analysis, as well as their proven ability to educate and inspire those who can benefit most from it. 

“Digital transformation starts with people first, which is why training is so important,” says Damion Brown, Founder and CEO of Data Runs Deep, now Jellyfish. “Within any organization, there are those who quickly engage to learn what’s possible through optimizing data. That resonance, that affinity, is when digital transformation begins,” Brown adds.

Brown says the Data Runs Deep collaboration with Jellyfish was the natural next step for his company. 

“When we met with Jellyfish, it felt like we were talking to ourselves. It was just a good, organic match,” he says. “We believe we’re in the best hands possible.”

In the context of consolidation and challenges in the traditional agency sector, Jellyfish’s rapid expansion speaks to the company’s ability to accompany brands on their journey towards digital transformation. Jellyfish embodies a new type of digital business, where agency services are combined with consulting, training and cutting-edge technologies to deliver the best possible results for clients. Launched in 2005, it has also become one of the few Google Marketing certified partners and resellers managed globally, with an average growth of 45% per year over the last eight years.  

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