HiBob Launches Payroll Hub Leading HR Innovation.

Payroll Technology

The new feature simplifies and consolidates payroll processes to a single platform to integrate and  support modern companies’ multifaceted HR operations.

Today, modern HR technology company HiBob rolls out its Payroll Hub, a centralised dashboard on the Bob platform that automatically updates companies’ payroll data in real-time. Effectively managing payroll is one of the biggest pain points for HR teams and has become  increasingly complex as workforces have become geographically dispersed and increasingly dynamic  with a mix of both full-time and contract workers. The tool addresses this challenge directly with a user friendly design and capabilities that allow companies to serve all workers – whether they are full-time,  freelance, or in another country.  

The Payroll Hub integrates seamlessly with leading payroll providers—including ADP Workforce Now, CloudPay, TriNet and Paylocity with more to be announced soon—and allows managers to ensure all  data is accurate for upcoming pay cycles, saving time and reducing the risk of error. To cater to midsized  companies’ unique needs, Payroll Hub supports single-cycle and multi-cycle schedules. Its  customizability and ease of use improves both payroll teams’ and employees’ experiences and allows HiBob to stay true to its mission of creating modern work experiences that empower organizations and  their people. 

“Organising payroll each cycle is time-consuming, and errors can cause frustration for employees and  payroll teams, creating unnecessary friction. Streamlining payment operations is a crucial step toward  modernising HR technology and helping everyone involved in payroll,” says Ronni Zehavi, CEO of HiBob.  “HiBob’s Payroll Hub allows HR teams to refocus a majority of their time on company operations and  workplace culture initiatives. Reliable, automated technology is a necessity as modern companies continue to adapt to new workplace models. The future of the workplace is flexible–HiBob ensures  companies can accommodate this in the new world of work.” 

“Running payroll involves many small details that you need to sync with multiple interfaces and systems.  From the smallest detail like a change of address or a title change, getting everything ready and ensuring  that it was correct was a lot of manual work,” said HiBob customer, Shir Birenbaum, Head of People Operations and Analytics at Logz.io. “Then we started using Bob’s Payroll Hub, which integrates all those  systems, reminds you about changes and updates, and then automatically pushes them out to the  payroll provider. It’s a huge difference, which has saved us many hours every cycle.” 

HiBob continues to adapt its technology to accommodate ever-changing, modern companies. In addition  to its Payroll Hub, the Bob platform offers functionality that simplifies core HR processes while driving  stronger engagement, productivity, and business outcomes. The employee experience has become top  priority among company leadership to retain employees. HiBob continues to be a key disruptor in the  HR tech space, with tools that support relationship and culture building, collaboration, and camaraderie  in the absence of a singular, physical workspace. 

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